Improve Your Volleyball Playing Skills with Coach April

For players in Las Vegas, Nevada, California, Utah, and Texas, discover how to improve your volleyball playing ability with instruction from Coach April

Discover how to improve your volleyball playing skills with me, Coach April.Discover how to improve your volleyball playing skills with me, Coach April.

Hello Everyone!

Until the City of Las Vegas Parks and Recreations gym re-open any Breakfast club classes and semi-private training classes taught by me, Coach April are on hold until further notice.

Thank you for your patience!

Be safe!

Coach April

Learn how to spike a ball harder, block better, set a volleyball more accurately, become a better more consistent passer, serve like a pro and play defense like you've already earned a college scholarship. 

That's right! I want to help you to make your school team, club team, USA High Performance team or achieve your collegiate team goals. 

For absolute beginners visit my learning how to play volleyball page which breaks down into easy-to-understand chunks of information that cover 

need to know when you are ready to improve your volleyball playing skills.  

Stupak Gym Las Vegas, NevadaStupak Gym Las Vegas, Nevada

For those intermediate and advanced varsity players who already know the basics and are ready to take their game to the next level be sure to visit my volleyball instruction page.

Regardless of what skill level you are, you've come to the right place!

I have a blast coaching volleyball playing skills here in Las Vegas and I want to share what I do on the court, with you.

I'm sure, you've come to my site to learn how to improve your volleyball skills, take your game to the next level and possibly reach a goal or two, am I right? 

Volleyball players come to this site because they want to make a varsity or JV school team or a club or collegiate team.

The more motivated and disciplined you are, the more you'll learn and with practice, the better you'll get.  

Stay motivated, stay disciplined and keep coming back to learn how to play volleyball.

Players with goals, I love that!

I've helped a lot of players reach their goals and I'm sure I can help you too.


Drills drills drills, there's a song out there with sound alike words I know!

Drills are the secret or not-so-secret ingredient to making practices and players better.

The opportunity to do 1000 reps of a skill at every opportunity possible, is what it takes to make your varsity team, your club team, your collegiate team.

The drills we do, are usually done at a faster pace so you can get more touches and repetitions on the ball. 

Performing many repetitions of a skill in a short amount of time, if taught correctly, will you improve your volleyball playing at a faster rate. 

When we teach skills, we talk less so you can do more. 

That's what drills are all about, progress and improvement. The first time might not feel or look so good. But each time after that, as long as you can see you are making progress you can feel the improvement, then you're on the right road.


Yep, that's right, people, I hashtag when I talk. 

The drills section is one of my favorites and it should be yours too. 

Frequently updated, I include videos of drills from my favorite coaches with explanations of how I run my versions of the same drill. 

Get ahead of the game, come back often to find out how super successful collegiate coaches run their drills and listen in as they talk about what makes their players successful. 

Seven-time NCAA champions Penn State volleyball courtSeven-time NCAA champions Penn State volleyball court

How To Improve My Volleyball Playing Skills:
Where Do I Go From Here?

Follow the suggested reading on this page or visit the pages in the Vegas Volleyball Instruction section in the drop down menu at the top of the page to get familiar with or plan on taking taking classes, get advanced training, improve your playing with me or learn more about the history of our boot camp classes

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Coach April with Former Teammates

Beach and Indoor Olympian Liz Masakayan, UCLA middle blocker legend Merja Connolly and Coach April, former National Team and World University Game teammates

Elaina Oden, Olympic middle blocker, bronze medalist. Former Italian teammate in Fidenza, Italy. 

Debbie Green, America's first Olympic silver medalist, setter for the 1984 Olympic team in Los Angels, CA. Former opponent on in Major League Volleyball, Debbie was on LA Starlites and I played for New York Liberties.