2017 NCAA Volleyball Selection Show: Watch Players Reactions

Who's Been Invited to the 2017 NCAA Volleyball Dance?

The NCAA Volleyball Selection show aired on ESPN Sunday November

26th and as always players and teams crowded around the screen at

their local eatery, a teammate's home, a coach's place or even around

the bonfire to watch as the top 64 teams playing in this years NCAA

championship playoffs were announced. 

64 teams, coaches and players all over the country with everyone

waiting to see who they play and whether they will have to travel to get

there leads to a ton of  suspense, drama and emotional build up for

those hoping for a good seed and  a chance to play in front of their

home crowd. 

This year, adding to the drama, two of the top teams were left out of the

top four spots..Nebraska and Texas!

Watch the players, teams and coaches as they learn who and where

they will be playing in the 2017 NCAA Championship playoffs which

begin Thursday December 1st. 

Missed the TV episode?  Check it out here...

NCAA Volleyball Selection Show: Penn State's Bracket

Pitt finds themselves in the Penn State bracket where they faceVCU in the

first round. 

Michigan State earned an at-large bid and will travel to Omaha,

Nebraska to face Missouri State in the first round of the NCAA


The Illini found out they play Hawaii in the first round. See their reaction as

players watch the NCAA Volleyball Selection Show. 

Wichita State were shocked to find out they'd be hosting the opening

round of the NCAA Volleyball tournament in Wichita, Kansas.

Check out the happy reactions...

Creighton, last year's Elite Eight surprise team of the playoffs has a

relatively easy seed on paper, pitted against Coastal Carolina the Blue

Jays received a ninth seed. 

Midway through the Penn State bracket find Radford led by senior

Maddie Palmer against 16th seeded Wichita State. 

In the Penn State bracket, the Rainbow Wahine face the Illini... 

Liu will face 8th seeded Washington...

NCAA Volleyball Selection Show: Stanford's Bracket

One of the biggest shocks of the bracket Texas currently on an 18

game winning streak comes in seeded 6th, placing them at the

bottom of the Stanford bracket.

If they win all their games in the first second and third round they face

Stanford in the Final Four in order to advance to the finals again this

year, repeating last year's season ending performance. 

Oregon State faces North Carolina State in the first round. 

Colorado has an interesting draw in the first round facing Michigan right


Cleveland State found out they'll face 11th seeded Utah. 

Look how excited Kansas is about going to the dance. 

Colorado State is ready for the NCAA Volleyball Selection...

Cal State Berkeley will face Stanford on Thursday

NCAA Volleyball Selection Show: Kentucky's Bracket

Washington State finds themselves in the Kentucky bracket where they

face Florida State. 

East Tennessee State faces the most controversial team picked for the top

four, Kentucky the top team in the bracket. 

Watch American University's coach Barry G as he talks about playing

against the 13th seed BYU. 

It looks like Oregon is ready! They'll face Kennesaw State in the first round.

12th seeded Baylor will face Miami of Ohio in the first round

NCAA Volleyball Selection Show: Florida's Bracket

At the top of the Florida bracket are the Gophers, seeded 7th for the

NCAA playoff tournament this year. Watch the player interviews during

the 2017 NCAA Volleyball Selection show Watch party. 

Watch as Coach Jeni Jones and the Sugar Bears react to the NCAA

Volleyball Selection Show announcement as they learn they will travel to

Los Angeles to face the 10th seed USC in the first round. 

Wonder what three-time Pac-12 Player of the Week sophomore

Khalia Lanier has to say about playing the Sugar Bears in the first


In case someone is hiring...Florida just updated their resume...

Florida faces Alabama State in the first round...

Denver can't wait!

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seedings in this year's NCAA Volleyball Selection Show? 

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