Volleyball Serve Techniques Vegas Players Need To Know To Score Points

Learn the three volleyball serve techniques we teach players in Boot Camp Class which lead to increased point scoring opportunities

Volleyball serve techniques: Texas' Ashley Engle about to serve the ballVolleyball serve techniques: Texas' Ashley Engle about to serve the ball

Here are three volleyball techniques that improve the effectiveness of your float serve and increase the possibility of scoring aces. 

We practice these serving techniques in Boot Camp classes and I want to share this info for Vegas players who don't yet understand the importance of developing a point-scoring volleyball serve technique. 

Volleyball Serve Techniques
Keep Your Elbow High

Sometimes the best way to learn correct volleyball skills is to watch as the best collegiate and pro players perform them correctly. 

In the above images , watch as the USC servers ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep their elbow up high above the level of their ear...

All through their float serve routine, whether they do the standing float serve or jump float, their serving arm is kept high above the level of their ear. with an open palmed hand that faces the opposite wall. 

They do this so they can get their hand to the ball faster, after the ball has been tossed.

Volleyball Serve Techniques
Use The Same Consistent Body Movement Every Time You Serve

Watch this EXCELLENT video of professional players and Italian (featuring Francesca Piccinini one of the best outside hitters in the world) and Dutch national team players.  

They perform the same serve, the same way, every single time they go to serve. 

They become like a serving machine.  Every movement makes sense and functions to get the ball aggressively over the net in a way that makes it difficult for the opposing team to receive serve.  

There are no extra movements, no dips, no toe touches, no hop skips, no excessive bouncing, no roller coaster side tosses. 

None of those extra body movements, help you get the ball over the net.

Volleyball Serve Techniques To Remember

Notice in the video, each server has her 

a) serving arm elbow high above the level of her ear

  • its NOT on the ball
  • its not bringing the ball up with two hands
  • the elbow,is kept high in the air in a VERY balanced movement....

b) Serving arm palm facing outwards towards the opposite wall and not turned up to the ceiling

c) Body sets up opened to the wall on the right and closes with a quarter turn to the ball - WHILE elbow is ALWAYS kept high during the turn

d) HIGH FIVE the ball - for the standing float serve- the middle of the hand contacts the middle of the ball

e) Server WATCHES her hand contact the ball...

Volleyball Serve Techniques
High Five Flat Hand Contact On The Ball 

One of the most important volleyball serve techniques I constantly repeat in semi-private training and Boot Camp classes which almost instantly improves float serve consistency is how your serving hand should contact the ball.

To produce more float action the middle of your flat serving hand should make contact with the middle of the ball. 

Once you've completed your pre-serving ritual and have tossed the ball, you want to watch your serving hand contact the ball. 

This increases your chances of contacting the ball in best spot in order to produce the "no spin, lots of float" action on the ball. 

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Volleyball Serve Techniques: Where Do you Go From Here?

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