Volleyball Serving Why Strong Volleyball Serve Skills Are So Important

After learning the basic skills of volleyball serving its important that you learn in practice how to strategically serve to specific positions on the court.   

Volleyball serving is the game's "equalizer."

I like to say that to my players because from start to finish you and only you control every aspect and especially the outcome of the serve. 

It doesn't matter how tall, how wide or how short you are.

By developing tough volleyball serving skills that score aces, make points, or put the opposing team in difficulty consistently, I guarantee you will regularly see court time. 

Volleyball Serving 
The Importance of Good Serving Skills

Volleyball Serving
The Importance of Serving The Ball "In"

It goes without saying that every time you go back to serve the ball you should work on consistently getting the ball in the opposing team's court. 

You want to build a reputation, first in practice and then in any occasions when you are in the game...that you are the reliable player that always gets the ball "in." 

Even if you dont score a direct point with your serve you want to be the player that when the coach looks down the bench and is deciding on who to put in next..he or she considers you first because you've built a good volleyball serving reputation up of consistently getting the ball over the net and in the court. 

Sure, everyone makes mistakes but when it comes to volleyball serving you want to be the player who makes the least amount of serving errors on your team. 

Volleyball Serving Drills
What To Work on In Practice - Underhand Volleyball Serve Practice

First you want to work on getting the ball over the net and inside the courtlines of the opposing team's court...consistently. 

Most beginners will use underhand serves to do this because its an easier to serve to do. 

So if you just have an underhand serve, thats ok but go do 

  • 30 in a row, then 
  • take a break then 
  • do another 30 in a row then 
  • take a break and repeat until you've completed 4 sets of 30. 

For each 30 you're trying to see how many you actually get "in" the court. 

Keep your score and write it down. That way during your next practice you know how much you need to improve your serving skills. 

So if during your first set of 30 attempts you got 15 balls "in" the court write that down. 

Like this 15/30. That's 15 balls in the court... out of 30 total volleyball serving attempts made. 

That's 50% of the balls. 

That's a good score but you always want to get at least half the balls that you attempt to serve "in" the court. 

So from now on when working on volleyball serving in practice by yourself or in open gym your goal is to attempt 30 serves and to get at least 15 in the court. 

Volleyball Serving Drills
What To Work on In Practice - Overhand and Floater Serve Practice

For more advanced players who you use the floater serve jump floater serve or any similar overhand volleyball serving technique you would do the same thing in the same way I stated above with one difference. 

I'm going to assume you know how to get the ball over the net consistently so now you need to work on getting the ball to very specific areas or zones on the opposing team's court. 

So you need to work on serving the three short zones closest to the net on the court, specifically zones 4, 3 and 2. 

When you serve the ball short that puts the opposing team in difficulty when they try and run certain offensive strategies so its your job to be able to serve short when your coach tells you to or when you see that's a good possible point scoring opportunity. 

Use the same format I described above on how to keep score of your total attempted serves vs the serves you actually make in. 

As an advanced player you can increase the amount of total serves attempted to a particular spot. 

Instead of 30, attempt 50 and challenge yourself to serve right to a certain zone. One more thing you can do is set a time limit.

Give yourself 5 minutes and attempt to serve 50 balls to zone 3 and keep your score of how many you make and how many you attempt.

Your goal is to make a minimum of 25 which is 50% of ALL the balls you serve.

When you consistently start getting more than 50-60% of the balls to the chosen zone you know you are improving. 

This has been an important message by your favorite volleyball coach! That's me!!

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The Volleyball Serve 
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