One Volleyball Strategy For Passing To Speed Up Your Team's Offense

You can change the pace or control the speed of the game with this volleyball strategy for passing which is a way your team can run a faster offense. 

Here is one volleyball strategy for passing tip on how you can change the pace or control the speed of the game so that you can effect the rhythm of the match.

Just because you've been given an easy ball to pass, doesn't mean you can throw your perfect passing technique out of the window. 

Volleyball Strategy for Passing 
Speed Up Your Pass

Just like you can slow down the rhythm of the game, the opposite is true as well. 

Does your team need to speed up the pace of the game?

By lowering your pass,  passing a ball that is one to three feet above the height of the net,  you can deliver a well-targeted ball right to your setter's hands at alot faster pace.

From the passer's platform to the setter's hands the speed of the pass can help determine how fast a team run's a play.

The setter is not the only player who can control the rhythm of the game. You, as a passer can too.

You should practice this with your team's free ball attack and transition drill practices.

In practice, with free balls you can purposefully speed up your free ball or even down ball passes, as long as you pass the ball from a low balanced position without sacrificing accuracy,  precision and control in order to run a faster paced attack.

Your girls team can run pre-determined plays called by the setter when she sees an easy high free or down ball coming over into your court. But remember, the play will work only if your setter gets the ball passed right to her.

Accuracy is the key.

Depending on your coach and your team's free ball passing ability, it may be best for your setter to be the one to call the free ball play. 

If the setter calls the play when she sees the easy free ball coming over to your court, then your passers, your libero and/or your defensive specialists in the back row will all know that she expects to be in position to set the ball for the fast counterattack.

Also, the middle blockers will be ready to speed up their spike approach in order to make this faster paced free ball counterattack play effective.

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