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T-Shirts Star Backrow Boss O.I. Gotchu the Octopus  

Meet Miss O.I. Gotchu the Libero Volleybragswag Octopus and Special Defensive Team Leader

The members of the special defensive team were created to represent volleyball playing animal lovers like yourself. 

They are back court specialists specially chosen for their habits, characteristics and even emotions displayed while in their natural habitat.

I chose specific animals that I think have habits, reactions, emotions and/or the characteristics that good high school, college, pro liberos have in order to be strong defensive players in the back court when they compete. 

The VBS Special Defensive Team 

The Volleybragswag special defensive team unit is a group of three males headed by a strong female who leads by example by covering the court aggressively and never letting a ball fall without making a strong attempt to go for it.

In fact, balls rarely fall when they come anywhere near her part of the floor.

You wouldn't expect anything less from a player who has eight legs, right?

Fun Facts About The Octopus

Why would I pick the octopus to be one of the Volleybragswag beast players in this season's volleyball t-shirts collection?

Here are just a few of the amazing qualities that octopuses (not octopi) have that impressed me.

Check these out and see if you agree...

  • The octopus is an invertebrate which means it doesn't have any bones in their body. They can get into or squeeze through the tiniest of holes and cracks. 

Of all the invertebrates in the world, the octopus is considered to be one of the most intelligent. Scientists say

  • they remember things
  • they use tools to get things done
  • they learn from experience


  • An octopus doesn't have one heart, it has three hearts and it has blue blood

  • They have eight arms and each of the arms thinks and operates independently as if it has a mind of its own 

  • Octopuses can be hard to spot because their skin will change colors to blend into their surrounding environment by camouflaging themselves with their surroundings.  

  • An octopus will often choose to walk instead of swim because its less stressful on his/her heart. 
  • I said it once but I'll say it again an octopus will use tools to get things done like build incredible is that?

VBS Volleyball T-Shirts Feature Miss O.I. Gotchu the Octopus Special Defensive Team Leader

Ladies and gentlemen, meet  Miss O.I Gotchu, Special Defensive Team leader, starting libero and member of the Volleybragswag All Beast First team. 

If T.T MUGB is the KING of the Court... then ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the queen...

Miss O.I. Gotchu starting libero for the Volleybragswag ALL Beast First team..and all around backrow badass. 

A backrow boss, O. I. Gotchu challenges YOU and all other high school and club playing liberos to BOYB!!

Bring Out Your Beast... on the court like she EVERY match.  

Like most hard working well-trained liberos, O.I. can seem like she's almost in two places at once.

If you had eight legs, wouldn't you be? 

As good liberos do, she only moves when she knows where the ball is going, once its been attacked.

She'll quickly glide across the court using the least amount of steps as possible to get to the ball while staying low to the floor because she knows sooner or later...that ball HAS to come down. 

So she doesn't stand up, she stays low and patiently waits...close to the floor, blending in with her surroundings and hiding in plain sight...where she is in control...

If the opposing team tips the ball to the middle of her team's court she is patient and confident and knows she's only three BIG steps away from reaching the ball with one of eight possible options to calmly play the ball high enough for the setter or a teammate to step in and do the rest.

This is what helps Miss Gotchu average 5 digs per set. 

That’s O.I.’s swag, what’s yours? 

The Volleybragswag Volleyball Ball Logo

I created the signature Volleybragswag volleyball ball logo while working with a designer who originally started out by just creating a word logo. 

I thought the word logo by itself was unremarkable and boring.

But a word that's one of the most interesting volleyball t shirt ideas created for a logo. 

The ball is my trademarked logo and appears in all of my Volleybragswag volleyball t-shirts and designs. 

The Volleybragswag Animal T Shirt

I know you're going to love the new Volleybragswag collection of beast inspired designs on 100% cotton volleyball shirts, hoodies and lots of other swag.  

If you haven't found your inspirational spirit animal on this page then be sure to find yours among the Volleybragswag collection of beast competitors in the list below

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