Volleyball Uniform Reveal Videos

The Most Popular Uniform Reveal Videos of Female Collegiate Teams

Creighton volleyball uniformCreighton volleyball uniform

The popularity of the volleyball uniform reveal video has been growing among female collegiate volleyball teams the last few years. 

Each season, as teams form and get new gear, bags, shoes, spandex, jerseys and sweats there's an increasing trend to want to show them off to the public and their social media followers.

Since It feels like Christmas in August every year and teams want to share in their good fortune, more teams have decided to show off their new gear in a spectacular presentation on video.

Celebrating either the new styles or the new team sponsored volleyball clothing, new videos pop up at the beginning of each new season with more drama, camera angles and lighting to capture the fans and viewers attention. 

What's a volleyball uniform reveal video?

These are called "volleyball uniform reveal videos", used to hype and promote the new uniforms that will be worn the current season during travel matches, home matches and at tournaments. 

I consider these "commercials" featuring team members used as a way to hype and promote the brand name of the company providing the uniforms to the team

What a brilliant way to get people to talk about a brand.

Get them to shoot a commercial or hype video for you which features your brand, logo and clothing.

Interesting idea!

And an added "benefit" ...expenses are low because the athletes don't get paid extra for appearing in these commercials!

Volleyball Uniform Reveal:
anyone in college wear Asics?

Funny thing...the uniform brands featured are Mizuno, Under Armour, Adidas and Nike.

Does Asics sponsor collegiate volleyball teams anymore?

Volleyball Uniform Reveal: Nike Uniforms

Texas Longhorns

Ranked number one in the 2017 AVCA Preseason Volleyball Coaches Division I  poll are the Texas Longhorns, finalists in last season's NCAA Women's Championship tournament. 

The Longhorns chose to reveal their uniform and Nike volleyball shoes on Twitter and their video did not disappoint. 

Volleyball Uniform Reveal: #MajorBagAlert

Created to generate excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming season among fans, the Longhorns chose to highlight their Nike shoes spotlighting the burnt orange and white Nike swoop in the opening frame of their "ad"..oops excuse me I mean volleyball uniform reveal video.  

Texas, always known to do BIG things presents not one, not two, but three styles of the Nike volleyball + Texas Longhorns shoe collaboration each shoe capped off with the team name  "HORNS" written on the insoles of the shoes.

Classy right?

Texas is one of the few teams that went beyond showing us just their jerseys and shoes. We see the entire bag of goodies including several Nike tshirt styles, spandex and sweat top looks. 

The Horns bagged a ton o f swag but they should when your team is in the NCAA Volleyball championship finals, right? 

Yes, it looks like Christmas does happen in August for many collegiate volleyball teams. 

No player images were used in the shooting of this video. 

Texas Longhorns Fan Shop

Stanford Cardinals

One of the coolest hype vids for Kobe's kicks, the Cards who need no intro...introduce their new Nike volleyball shoes... 

..after a quick reminder opening shot ...of who won the NCAA title last year...

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers for the 2017 season just revealed their new Nike volleyball jerseys. 

Check out their stylish promo that looks more like a music video than a uniform reveal...but of course..that is the whole idea, right? 

The first item featured is a black long sleeve jersey with Kentucky red trim, and on the lower left sleeve "Western" is imprinted while on the right sleeve is "Kentucky" in contrasting colors. Very cool.

This next uniform item featured is the short sleeve white jersey with the contrasting red trim around the neck. The jersey number front and back and the WKU lettering is in red and outlined in black trim, while the obligatory Nike swoosh is in black. 

Interestingly enough, no Nike shoes are featured in this video. 

Minnesota Gophers 

Minnesota Gophers volleyball uniforms are going to be "on your radar" this season. 

Minnesota Gophers video production team will make sure of that.

Last season the Gophers video production team  produced a video for every occasion including a midseason hype video, a postseason hype video a NCAA playoff hype video and a Final Four hype video to name a few.

Videos are top notch, great care is taken to pick the right song and the team always manages to produce expertly edited sequences meant to build and create excitement. 

This year's volleyball uniform reveal vid is no exception.

This sleek video production opens with a catchy song that describes what its like...that giddy happy feeling when you put on new clothes.

"We feelin' brand new, just like a million bucks..

We always rollin dice, cuz we got all the luck...

You think you seen it all, you think you're so quick

You ain't seen nuthin yet

We got a new trick!"


Danger Twins

Pairing the perfect song with bangin' lyrics is key...and "Radar" by the Danger Twins was an excellent choice to help launch the new volleyball uniform reveal of the Golden Gophers for 2017. 

Big time school with a big time team in the Big Ten, with big time video production but no big time feature of their sponsored Nike volleyball shoes or sweats appear in this video. 

Purdue Boilermakers

Last year the Purdue volleyball team arranged an elaborate fashion show to reveal their new uniforms to the public, fans and friends. 

The Boilermakers walked the runway to show off their new Nike uniforms featuring gold, pink, white and black short sleeve jerseys. 

This year the Boilermakers add drama to their low lit "from the lockerroom to the court" jersey reveal presentation.

I want to know what its like to play with a golden ball, don't you?

Ole Miss Rebels

The Rebels are super happy about this season's new gear!

Tennessee Volunteers

Watch as the Vols announce their partnership between Lady Vol volleyball and the Nike program. 

Georgia Bulldogs

The Dawgs are ecstatic about their Nike haul this season..

Virginia Cavaliers

Nike is a favorite partner in Virginia

Volleyball Uniform Reveal: Adidas Volleyball Uniform


Haven't seen a video yet, but had to show this pic of Miami's new jersey.

How fresh is that? Sporting the Miami skyline on the court...way to rep your city...one of our top faves so far. 

Great job Adidas...

Mississippi State

Christmas came early for Mississippi State. Watch as they discover what got from Adidas this season...

Holy Cross Crusaders

Watch as the Holy Cross women's volleyball team get surprised by the discovery of their new purple, black and white Adidas jerseys, spandex and gear in their lockerroom.

Louisiana Tech

The whole team took part in this uniform reveal by Louisiana Tech.

Sponsored by Adidas, the Adidas volleyball uniform jerseys come in creatively styled version...short sleeves in blue with front and back bodice in red or white. 

Volleyball Uniform Reveal: Under Armour 

South Carolina Gamecocks

South Carolina gets my vote for best looking uniforms this season...

Don't know about the army green in the color scheme, but it works!

The "other" USC managed to get everything on their jersey, from SEC logo, to Gamecock logo to UA logo, to a baseball and/or hockey striped sleeve AND block printing all on a 3-4 colored jersey, wow

Lookin good, but can they play for the title?

That'll be what they need to prove this season... 

UCLA Bruins

Bruins rockin' lots of powder blue with their UA gear...

Hartford Hawks 

Two years ago Hartford University rolled out a new logo for their Hawks athletic program. The logo features a huge red H with a hawk in flight to serve as the cross bar in the H.

All the Hartford athletic teams received new gear and a choreographed  "surprise" lockerroom reveal was filmed as the team saw their new uniforms with the new logo for the first time. 

Cal Berkeley Golden Bears

Cal volleyball revealed their new Under Armour volleyball uniforms on video .

Featured are three volleyball jerseys in Cal blue, Golden bear gold and white all with contrasting colored stripes along the sleeves elbows.  

One of the few teams to spotlight their playing shoes, the video highlights the Under Armour Charger volleyball shoe which comes in high top and low top versions. 

Coastal Carolina

Watch as Coastal Carolina reveals their Under Armour uniforms.

Particularly gorgeous because of the color hues chosen to match the ocean waters. 

Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish are honoring the 175th anniversary of their collegiate institution with a patch on their new uniforms. 

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