Volleyball Conditioning Drills

Become a faster, stronger, higher jumping, well balanced varsity player with these exercises

Volleyball conditioning drills are a necessity in any team training


Conditioning takes many forms. From weight training, to sprint and 

running to yoga stretching and balance technical training all these 

aspects of conditioning are essential in becoming a stronger, higher 

jumping, harder hitting varsity player. 

On this page find streaming videos and DVDs I recommend from

Championship Productions featuring advice, drills and exercises from

top coaches who offer their knowledge about various types of volleyball

conditioning drills and learn how to make it work for you. 

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Volleyball Conditioning Drills for Speed 

 Bestseller! 150 Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Volleyball
presented by Cameron Davidson

Features & Benefits

  • Learn the strength and conditioning secrets of Penn State Volleyball
  • Increase your athlete's vertical jump, hitting power and defensive range
  • Develop the competitive fire in your athletes as they train
  • Bonus: Includes spreadsheet attachments on the DVD with additional drills and written workouts

with Cameron Davidson

  • Penn State University Head Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Coach

Penn State Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Coach Cameron

Davidson opens his training manual and shares everything he uses at

Penn State for strength and conditioning. This information-packed DVD

includes 150 exercises and variations. 

  • Davidson's program develops "volleyball fit" athletes through physical and mental discipline and toughness.
  • As a whole, these exercises will improve your athletes vertical jump, hitting power and first-step quickness to increase defensive range. 
  • Prehab for shoulder and knee health are also at the forefront of this program.
150 Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Volleyball - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

This presentation includes: 

On court areas:

  • Dynamic Warm up and Stretches
  • Quick Feet Drills
  • Plyometrics
  • Agility Exercises with Competitive Drills
  • Reaction Drills 
  • Conditioning

Weight room areas:

  • Weight Room Warm Up 
  • Glute Exercises
  • Clean Variations Box Jumps for training explosiveness 
  • Squats
  • Lunge Series 
  • Bench Press Exercises
  • Row Exercises
  • Pull downs and Band Workouts
  • Back Exercises 
  • Balance Exercises 
  • Medicine Ball Exercises 
  • Ab Exercises 

This is the most comprehensive library of volleyball strength and 

conditioning exercise that has ever been assembled. 

The success of Penn State Volleyball has come with a comprehensive 

training philosophy and volleyball focused strength and conditioning. 

Now you can use these sames techniques, exercises and volleyball

conditioning drills in your program!  129 minutes. 2011.

Bestseller! Speed, Agility and Quickness for Female Athletes and Strength Training For Female Athletes
presented by Andrea Hudy

with Andrea Hudy
University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance; 

  • Only female strength and conditioning coach in Men's DI Basketball (Labeled as Kansas' "secret weapon" during the 2011-12 Men's Basketball Season)

Andrea Hudy's Training Female Athletes 2-Pack - General -- Championship Productions, Inc.

"Andrea Hudy was instrumental in a lot of the success that we enjoyed during her time with our program. It is not a surprise that success has followed her with any program with which she has worked. There are not very many, if any, better strength and conditioning coaches in the country. "

-- Geno Auriemma

ESPN and the Wall Street Journal call Andrea Hudy "KU's secret weapon!" 

Hudy has been part of two "Final Fours" while overseeing the men's

basketball strength and conditioning program at Kansas and was part

of eight national titles while at UConn in men's and women's basketball

and men's soccer. 

Now, Hudy offers a wealth of drills to enhance your athlete's speed, 

agility and overall quickness. To ensure your athletes gain benefits from 

these drills and avoid injury, Hudy takes the time to discuss proper 

technique for each drill. 

This DVD includes: 

  • A speed development warm-up progression using an agility ladder and speed hurdles to familiarize athletes with proper footwork.
  • A series of plyometric jumping drills that feature 1-foot and 2-foot jumps, designed to increase explosiveness. The drills progress from the floor, to mini hurdles, to medium hurdles, to track hurdles, so you can tailor the progression to any level of athlete.
  • Acceleration drills that focus on first-step quickness, reaction time, and change-of-direction speed. Coach Hudy demonstrates how the drills can be used to train individuals or a group competition.
  • Areas of focus for improving forward, lateral, and backward speed.
  • Sport-specific drill adjustments, with ideas on how to maximize results for basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

Recognizing that not every athlete is able to perform at the same level in

plyometric and agility drills, Hudy demonstrates how to adjust a drill's

intensity to encourage success then raise the standard to grow the

athlete's performance. 

Learn the frequency at which you should take your athletes through

these drills and how to progress them safely and effectively. You will also

learn how to make some drills competitive by pitting two athletes against

each other.

Adding speed and agility drills to your training program will make your

team more agile, more explosive and prepare them for the long season

ahead. Use this DVD in combination with Coach Hudy's Strength Training

for the Female Athlete (GD-01495B) for the ultimate 1-2 punch!

53 minutes. 2013.

More Training DVDs from Andrea Hudy

Andrea Hudy's Weight Room 3-Pack - General -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Volleyball Conditioning Drills That Build
Upper and Lower Body Strength 

Bestseller! Innovative Conditioning for High School Volleyball
presented by Gwen Egbert

  • Play harder and finish stronger
  • Learn innovative volleyball conditioning drills for your team
  • Improve your team's strength, endurance, and flexibility for better volleyball

with Gwen Egbert,

  • Papillion-La Vista South HS (NE) Head Girl's Volleyball Coach;
  • Has coached 3 State Championships and has coached 5 Runner-up finishes;
  • All-conference player for University of Nebraska

Innovative Conditioning for High School Volleyball - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Coach Egbert presents an innovative approach to volleyball conditioning drills at the high school level. 

  • Using her team as demonstrators, Egbert begins with the shuffle split, which uses a med ball and strengthens the upper body. Included are three variations of these excellent volleyball conditioning drills. 
  • Egbert shares over 15 exercises and variations that help strengthen the upper and lower body, as well as working on the players' flexibility. 

Help your team benefit from these tremendous volleyball conditioning drills 

today! 73 minutes. 2007.

Volleyball Conditioning Drills -Innovative Conditioning for High School Volleyball by Gwen EgbertVolleyball Conditioning Drills -Innovative Conditioning for High School Volleyball by Gwen Egbert

Volleyball Conditioning Drills to Build a Strong Core

Extreme Core Training for Sports Performance
presented by Larry Judge

Extreme Core Training for Sports Performance

with Larry Judge, C.S.C.S.,

  • USA Track & Field National Chairman for Coaches Education (Throwing Events) former University of Florida Throws Coach

Extreme Core Training for Sports Performance - General -- Championship Productions, Inc.

 This core training program is ideal for any athlete, in any sport, desiring

to move to the next level! 

Many functional activities in sports require the trunk stabilizers in the core

to transfer force from the upper extremities to the lower extremities and

vice versa. 

Movements such as rebounding in basketball, overhead blocking in

volleyball, or pass blocking in football are common examples of this

type of energy transfer. 

Better control of the core will allow you to move faster, change directions

quicker, jump higher and become a better athlete. 

  • This DVD presents a multi-faceted approach to core training that includes specialized medicine ball work, weighted abdominal exercises, dumbbell circuits, ballistic release work, and Olympic lifting movements. 

Learn how to properly use different training modalities for developing

core strength and stability. 31 minutes. 2006.

Volleyball Conditioning Drills for Injury Prevention

 Bestseller! ACL Injury Prevention presented by Coach Alan Stein

  • Don't risk a season ending ACL injury
  • Prevent injuries through Alan Stein's training program
  • Learn what to watch for in your athletes to help prevent ACL injuries


ACL Injury Prevention for Female Athletes - General -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Females are four to eight times as likely to tear their ACL as their male


The highest rate of incidence occurs with young women from 15-25 years 

of age that play sports that require quick change of direction, pivoting 

and jumping. 

Coach Alan Stein's ACL injury prevention program focuses on safety, 

technique/form, footwork, low athletic stance, slow movement strength 

training, repetitions, time efficiency and productivity. 

  • Stein believes that agility and footwork training - proper landing, jumping, starting and stopping mechanics - can prevent injuries. When an athlete lands, the weight needs to be equally distributed within the foot, promoting soft landings. 
  • Other key items to watch for are enhanced balance, body/joint awareness, movement technique, and muscle strength (especially the hamstring). There are two main non-contact mechanisms that have been identified; planting/cutting and straight knee landing. 
  • Dynamic flexibility and plyometrics are the ideal way to prepare your athletes for competition, and reduce injury. 
  • Next is a look at exercises in the weight room that add strength and durability in athletes. 
  • Stein also shares various symptoms of ACL injuries; guidelines are the same for women as they are for men.

42 minutes. 2008.

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