A Volleyball Passing Guide On How To Improve Volleyball Bumping Skills

Volleyball passing is the way to contact the ball with your forearms to guide it to your setter or over the net so developing a good forearm pass is crucial. 

How can you get better at volleyball passing? 

You can start building better passing skills by paying  attention to the body positioning of the server on the opposing team.

Here's the deal.

 For Better Volleyball Passing
Watch The Opposing Server For Clues 

When a player is ready to serve the ball, she will give you some indication of where she plans to serve.

If you are on the team that is receiving the serve, you should be checking the position of the opposing team's server's lower body, her feet and especially her hip position which will provide you some clues as to where the server will serve.

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For a few more clues as to where the server may serve the ball, you should check out where the server's shoulders are facing and where her tossing arm is pointing.

A lot of servers when they want to serve the ball short to the opposing team's front row hitters will step right up to the serving line as close as they can.

That's a clue, Sherlock!

This is a pretty good indication that a short serve is coming.

When you notice the server doing this, then you want to adjust accordingly, by taking a step closer to the net so that you won't be taken by surprise by a ball landing just inches from the net on your side.

You position yourself to be ready to cover any short serves that come in your area.

For Better Volleyball Passing 
Talk About Who's Going
To Pass The Ball

Another way to build better volleyball passing skills is to communicate and talk to your teammates about who is going to pass the next ball that comes in or around your area.

There's no getting around it, if you play volleyball, then you are going to have to learn to be vocal and communicate on the court with your teammates.

You need to be ready to take responsibility for balls that are served or passed into your area.

That means balls within one or two feet of you and balls that are served between you and the teammate next to you. 

First, you should be ready to call the ball, by calling "me", "mine' or 'I got" or "out"  in a loud clear voice so your teammates know that you are taking responsibility for passing that ball.

Taking vocal responsibility allows your teammates to set up early for whatever they need to do next.

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You can also tell your teammates something else.

You can communicate to them what type of serve you think the opposing team's server is about to serve.

If you see someone stepping up really close to the service line then you should tell your teammates in a loud voice "Watch out for the short serve!"

This mentally helps your teammates to prepare to move quickly if the short serve comes. This way you are doing your part to let your team know that the short serve is possibly coming.

Another side benefit of adopting this habit is to let the opposing team server know, that you know what she is probably about to do and so it puts more pressure on her to serve the ball accurately.

I really hope these volleyball passing tips help you to improve your passing skills.

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Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.
Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.