Secrets To A Better Float Serve in Volleyball You High Five The Ball

Many players don't realize it, but the toss for the float serve in volleyball is where many serving errors begin. 

The last part of the float serve in volleyball deals with your serving arm.

Secrets To A Better
Float Serve

Start With Your Serving Arm Raised High

Your serving arm should be held fully extended above your head at a 90 degree angle.

Secrets To A Better Float Serve in Volleyball 
High Five The Ball

Secrets To A Better Float Serve in Volleyball: Keep your elbow high. 

After you toss the ball, shift your weight from your back foot to your front foot step forward on to your left foot as you make a quarter turn to go from facing the wall on your right to facing the net.

During your turn its very important to keep your elbow high, above the level of ear, as your arm comes forward at the same time your hips high five the ball. 

This is where players make a second crucial mistake. 

Many tend to drop their elbow to shoulder level or below, when they pull their elbow back to serve.

Not only does this increase the possibility of shoulder irritation or injury but it lowers your chances of serving the ball over the net. 

Secrets To A Better Float Serve in Volleyball:
Watch your hand contact the ball

After you've made your toss and when you are contacting the ball you want to WATCH the middle of your hand, contact the middle of the ball.

Remember when you learn how to serve a volleyball, overhand contact should be made squarely in the center of the ball with the flat upper palm portion of your hand. 

The part of your palm that's at the base of your fingers. 

Learning how to serve overhand is the one thing you can count on that will help you get on the playing court.

If you have a deadly serve, then your varsity coach WILL notice. Trust me. 

Anybody who can score points with a great serve from the service line, I promise you boo boo, their coach will make sure they get in the game. 

That's why its super important to learn how to serve overhand and to make your serve so good and so tough that your coach will be forced to say..."I have to play her or him" because I know we will score points with her serve. 

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Serve A Volleyball Overhand For Points Consistently Score More Aces
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