Volleyball Game Rules 

Volleyball Blocking by the Rules,
Learn What's Legal and What's Not

Volleyball game rules are established so players, teams and coaches compete fairly in their quest to win a match. 

The object of the game is to score a series of points, one point at a time, in order to win a set.

Subsequently teams are required to win a number of predetermined sets usually two out of three in high school and three out  of five in college, so that one team wins the match.

Here are some volleyball game rules regarding blocking playing actions for players, parents and coaches just learning the game.

It's the referee and game officials job to see that each player follows these volleyball game rules while the ball is in play.

If these rules aren't followed, the referee gets to blow their whistle and award the ball to the opposing team and your team loses a point. 

By knowing what the game rules permit and don't permit you will gain confidence faster on the court because you know what you can and can't do.

You'll also be able to share this information with teammates who may not know this information and even better, you may be called on to correct a referee who may have made a mistake in making a particular call against your team. 

Volleyball Game Rules 
Volleyball Scoring

Volleyball Game Rules
Rotation Rules 


In some middle school competition around the country, players can't touch the net or step across the half court line at all.

Here are more volleyball game rules you should be aware of when you're playing defense in the front row.

Volleyball Game Rules
Common Faults 

Volleyball Game Rules
Serving Rules 

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