Volleyball Tips on Playing Better and Improving Your Basic Skills 

Use these volleyball tips as helpful hints and lessons on how to play better volleyball starting with passing, setting, spiking, digging, blocking and serving.   

Here's an index of volleyball tips on this site which should make it easier for you to find the solution to any problems you may have with performing any of the basic skills of volleyball.  

Volleyball Tips For Passing Skills

In high school volleyball the ability to serve receive or to "pass" the ball from an opponent's serve is one of the most important volleyball skills to learn in order to play competitive indoor or sand volleyball games and tournaments.

You will quickly learn that what you do with your feet and lower body determines how well you will perform all volleyball fundamentals, skills and drills.

That's why I always start my coaching instructions and volleyball tips focusing on the correct positioning of the feet and lower body.

21 Volleyball Pass Tips For Players Who Need To Improve Their Passing

These 21 volleyball pass tips describe how you should pass the ball starting from when the ball is in the opposing server's hands until you completely finish your passing action

11 Ways To Elevate Your Serve Receive Game A Tutorial For All Passers 

Here are 11 serve receive tips liberos, defensive specialists and back court passers can use to improve their passing and heighten the efficiency of their overall team's offense.

Volleyball Tips For Serving Skills

I focus alot of attention in practices on making strong volleyball serves because that's the one skill you have complete control of all by yourself.

Your serve can be as tough or as easy as you make it. It just takes practice.

Did you know there are 3 volleyball serving tips elite coaches teach their players on where to serve after a timeout?

These are serving strategies varsity players know. Click to find out more.

3 Volleyball Serving Tips On Where To Serve The Ball After A Timeout

Tough volleyball serves work as the game's "equalizer" because from start to finish you (the high school volleyball player) and only you control every aspect and especially the outcome of the serve.

The good news is that it doesn't matter how tall, how wide or how short you are, if you develop a tough serve that makes points consistently, I guarantee you, your coach will put you in the game and you will regularly see court time.

10 Float Serve Volleyball Tips 
For Better Serving And To Score More Points

My 10 "Coach April Float Serve Volleyball Tips" are designed to help you increase serving accuracy and power while producing more float in your float serves.

Volleyball Tips For
Blocking Skills

Learn how to "seal the net" and "read the hitter" two important volleyball blocking tips to know about as well as important blocking terms for you to learn. 

No matter how tall you are the following five steps will help you improve your volleyball blocking skill!

Four Blocking in Volleyball Tips To Improve Your Defensive Skills Fast

An important blocking in volleyball tip is to watch the hitter you are going to block in order to pick up important clues that'll help you block the hitter.

One Volleyball Blocking Tip For Players On Defense In The Front Row

This volleyball blocking tip describes the importance of watching the hitter when you are at the net about to block the opposing spiker in front of you.

Volleyball Tips For
Digging Skills

These 3 volleyball tips for digging a ball describe how to dig a ball without taking a step, taking one step and taking three steps away from your base in defense. 

Volleyball Tips For
Spiking Skills

These tips on volleyball attacking explain what to do if you get a ball set too close to the net and you find yourself in a joust with the opposing blocker.

Tips on Volleyball Attacking Win The Joust At The Net Like A Queen

Learn more hitting, attacking and spiking tips on the pages below. 

Spiking it hard, spiking it high and spiking it on or inside the ten foot line so the volleyball bounces back up high enough to hit the rafters on the ceiling..THAT is the dream, right?

Well whether you can hit the ball so it hits the ceiling or not, read the tips below to find out ways to score points by improving your hitting skill.

Volleyball Attack Tips

Learning to attack the imperfect set and to hit high off blocker's hands are two volleyball attack tips l coach to players who need effective hitting tactics.

2 Dope Volleyball Attack Tips Hitters Use To Score A Ton Of  Points

As you become a better spiker and your hitting technique improves, you will learn to spike faster and quicker sets that are lower to the net. 

Volleyball Hitter Tips

Be The Smartest Spiker On Your Team

The volleyball hitter has options for scoring against opponents to score points including tipping the ball deep or short in the court to mix up your attack.

14 Spiking in Volleyball Tips That Quickly Improve Your Spike Skills 

Improve your spiking in volleyball by mixing up your shots, aim for the block two ways for hitters looking for ways to score against a big opposing block.

Volleyball Tipping
6 Attack Strategies Outside Hitters Use To Score

The hard volleyball hit is not the only point scoring option a hitter has. Volleyball tipping is an offensive strategy you can use to vary your attack hits.

Volleyball Communication Tips

Before your team serves you should be talking on the volleyball court to inform teammates about where the hitters and the setter is on the opposing team.

Talking On The Volleyball Court: 
Always Call Out Where The Hitters Are

Talking On The Volleyball Court: 
Always Call Out Where The Hitters Are

Before your team serves you should be talking on the volleyball court to inform teammates about where the hitters and the setter is on the opposing team. 

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If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

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