How To Hit Harder Volleyball Attacks In Order To Score More Points

Learning how to hit harder volleyball attacks with the imperfect set and high off blocker's hands are two effective hitting tactics used to score points.

Are you ready to take your hitting game to the next level in order to meet your playing time and recruiting goals while becoming a stronger offensive force on the volleyball court?

If scoring more points, increasing your hitting stats average and scoring efficiency while growing the fear and respect your opponents have for you as a fearless spiker is what you're after, then you've come to the right place.

I've trained with Cal Poly starting outside hitter Tommi Stockham on how to hit harder volleyball attacks when she was a junior in high school at Bishop Gorman. 

In this article, I break down certain techniques, strategies, and training methods you can start using today to help you learn how to hit harder volleyball attacks and increase your spiking power so you can score more points. (#ad)

From refining your form and timing to building strength and conditioning, I'll cover everything you need to know on how to hit harder volleyball spikes in order to make a lasting impact on the court

My client Hadley Trainor a libero working on step close and armswing technique during one of our sessions. 

So, let's get started on your journey to becoming a dominating force in volleyball!

Lets break down and take a look at these elements 

  • Proper Technique and Timing
  • Improve Strength and Conditioning
  • Mental Preparation
  • Consistent Practice

How To Hit Harder Volleyball Attacks
 Proper Technique and Timing

  • Exploding off the ground: Generate power by utilizing a strong last two steps of your spike approach, also known as the "step close" to help you jump high before executing your hit. Focus on explosive movement and timing your jump with the set.
  • Optimal arm swing: Keep a high elbow throughout your swing to help maximize power and generate a whipping motion as you make contact with the ball.
  • Utilize your core: Engage your core muscles to generate additional power at the height of your jump as you rotate your hips and torso during the hitting motion.
  • Snap your wrist: Just at contact of the ball, snap your wrist to add extra power to your hit, to propel the ball with force downward into the opposing team's court.

How To Hit Harder Volleyball Attacks
Improve Strength and Conditioning

  • Agility and speed training: Increase your agility and speed with exercises like ladder drills, cone drills, shuttle runs (#ad) and short distance sprints usually helps a player like you to improve your ability to explode towards the ball, move around the court and jump in the air faster and with more strength

Elastic resistance bands help create shoulder strength which generates more arm swing speed and arm strength when spiking...makes a huge addition to your own strength building equipment at home.  (#ad)

Resistance Bands Build Shoulder Strength for Spiking Power

How To Hit Harder Volleyball Spikes
Be Mentally Prepared

  • Visualize success: Before each hit, visualize yourself executing a powerful strike, picturing the trajectory of the ball and the impact it will have when it hits the floor on the opposing side.
  • Focus and emotional control: Stay focused on what you're about to do while maintaining emotional control. Clear your mind of distractions and create a positive mindset for each aggressive hit.

How To Hit Harder Volleyball Spikes
Practice With A Purpose

  • Regular repetition: Hitting harder requires regular practice. Consistently work on your hitting technique and explosive power using drills and simulated game situations.
  • Seek feedback: Request input from coaches and experienced players to ensure you're using proper form and identify areas for improvement.
  • Film your hits: Record your hitting sessions and analyze your technique to identify any areas of weakness and track your progress over time.

More Ways To Hit Harder Volleyball Spikes

These two spikers tips are sure fire ways you as an outside hitter can get yourself out of trouble when it comes to hitting a ball over the net and past a big opposing block. 

How To Hit Harder Volleyball Attacks 
Know When To Hit The Imperfect Set 

Heroes spike the ball on an imperfect set.

If you want to be an outside hitting hero you want to learn to hit the imperfect volleyball set, not just the perfect ones. 

Within reason, you have to be aggressive and learn to spike the ball that the opposing team and everybody in the gym thinks you are going to "free ball" over. 

That means learning to move fast, think fast and how to hit a ball, that is above the height of the net but has been set a little outside or a little inside or a little off the net. 

It may not be your favorite ball to hit but its still a hittable ball if you make a quick decision to move fast enough to attack it.

You would need to take a strong spike approach while staying behind the ball so you can see the opposing team's court and the block when you go up to hit. 

Then you need to be confident enough and aggressive enough to spike the ball instead of just giving the other team an easy free ball.

Any team can run a play against your team when you give them a free ball but you increase your chances of scoring a point or at least putting the other team in difficulty if you hit the ball at them. 

How To Hit Harder Volleyball Attacks 
Reach For The Stars and Aim for the Top of the Blockers Hands

Outside hitters should learn to reach high to hit the ball, contacting it at its highest height and looking to hit high off the blockers hands.

You may have to tell your setter to set you just a but further off the net. 

If you do, you need to stay behind the ball to see the court and the block while hitting and aiming for high hands on the block like you'd do if you were hitting high deep and long to the corners of the opposing team's side. 

USA High Performance, Coronado High School, State Champion Finalist Left Side Hitter Jacob Ceci
Slo Motion Armswing Hitting  Technique

As a block goes up high, many times a blocker's hands don't penetrate the net.

In an effort to block you, their hands go up high but don't come over the net. 

When you hit high off the blockers hands, the ball tends to bounce off their hands and go out of bounds, deep outside the court usually over the back row defensive players head. 

But always reach as high as you can to hit, keeping your elbow high and contacting the ball at it's (your) highest contact point of your vertical jump while still swinging hard and fast. 

By implementing these techniques, you can enhance your hitting power gradually over time, becoming an unstoppable force on the court.

Remember, practice, dedication, and a commitment to proper form are essential to hitting harder and achieving your goals as a volleyball player.

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