A Setter Volleyball Checklist With Tips To Improve How To Set A Ball

Learn how to improve your setter volleyball technique with these tips that breakdown what to do with each body part. 

This setter checklist gives you a series of tips to use to check your setting technique, especially when you are doing setting drills by yourself.   

Learn how to improve your setting technique with these setter volleyball checklist tips that breakdown what to do with each body part from head to toe.  

If you are on a quest to become a better setter then you first want to develop great setting technique.

You should become comfortable with the technical part of the setting skill before you begin to work on trying to outsmart the opposing team's middle blocker by disguising your set.

The Setter Volleyball Checklist
How To Set A Pass Coming
From The Backrow

If you’re in the front row, and you want to set a volleyball that is coming from the back court, and you know that you are going to need to set the ball to your outside hitter who is in the front row with you, you first...

  1. Identify where the ball is going to come down
  2. Then quickly move your feet to get underneath the ball so that you beat the ball to that location
  3. Then, you face exactly where you want to set the ball, so that all your force and energy is directed in a straight line and concentrated on getting the ball to your target before
  4. ...you set the volleyball.

You shouldn't be twisting or setting sideways or setting the ball over your shoulder while contacting the ball.

Not yet, save that for the college players or until you become much, much more experienced...

The Setter Volleyball Checklist
Whenever Possible Face Your Target Before You Set A Volleyball

Volleyball players should always remember to face or "square" themselves to their target before setting the ball!


Don't forget that your right foot should be 1-2 inches in front of your left foot. 

Since you have already squared up and are facing your intended target, your arms and shoulders should follow through straight up (not out, but up to the ceiling towards the ball!) keeping your shoulders close to your ears and keeping your arms in line with your body.

Once the ball is within reach of your hands, you 

The Setter Volleyball Checklist 

When you've finished setting the ball, I recommend that you do a self-check.

You can stop and hold your position to check and make sure that your arms are fully extended above your forehead and your hands are only 1-2 inches apart from each other still in the shape of a loose triangle.

Your palms should still be facing forwards towards your target with no breaking or flexing of your wrists!

Your fingers should still finish in the shape of a "broken" triangle.

This should be your finishing position when setting a volleyball.

Check your finishing position if your sets aren't getting where you want them to go.

More Setter Volleyball Checklist Tips 

Your palms should still be facing forwards towards your target with no breaking or flexing of your wrists! Your fingers should still finish in the shape of a "broken" triangle. (Craig Fildes)Your palms should still be facing forwards towards your target with no breaking or flexing of your wrists! Your fingers should still finish in the shape of a "broken" triangle. (Craig Fildes)

  • If your arms are fully extended but finish in front of your nose your sets will usually be too low for your hitter to hit.
  • If you finish setting a ball and your arms finish on top of your head or behind your forehead your sets will not get to your outside hitter and will likely finish right where you are standing or on top of your head which makes it difficult for any of your intended hitters to hit or pass the ball.

Where is your body facing?

  • If you aren't facing your target, then its harder to get the ball to the target

Where are your arms once you've finished setting the volleyball?

Is your butt sticking out?

  • When you set the ball its best to have everything lined up under the ball so hips underneath shoulders, shoulders lined up underneath outstretched arms ..ideally without body parts sticking out

This is why its important for young players to use their foreheads as their guide for correct body positioning.

Once your forehead is underneath the ball, then you use that as a guide for where your whole body needs to be lined up as well.

By following these tips, you will be able to tell by yourself whether you are positioned correctly to set a ball to the target.

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