Serving in Volleyball Tactics For Scoring Points With Your Float Serve

When serving in volleyball there are two places where you can serve to on the opposing team's court to increase the chance of scoring points with your serve.  

When serving in volleyball you should know about specific areas on the opposing team's court

  • deep down the line to Zone 5
  • short to Zone 3

that you can serve to that usually make it difficult for their passers in serve receive to get the ball to their setter so they can easily run their offensive plays against your team.

Serving in Volleyball Tactics
Serve deep down the line to Zone 5

Usually, a swing hitter is the left outside hitter who has two responsibilities -

By serving the ball deep down the line at them forces the left side hitter deeper into the back of the court.

This means she has to cover alot of ground to get back into her base starting hitting position to be able to make an approach in order to hit the ball.

Serving them very deep down the line helps to take the Left Side hitter out of the offense because this forces them to back up and receive serve deep in the court - which potentially can make them late to start their hitting approach.

Brooklyn performs the jump float serve during semi private training lessons. 

This tactic can completely eliminate them as a hitter/attacker in the offense so the setter is forced to have less options -

In other words, "play chess" - if you see three hitters in the front row

  • use your serve to force one of the players to pass the ball deep in the court
  • which leaves only two hitters that your blockers and defenders have to concentrate on.

That puts your team at an advantage, right?   Force the opposing team to do what YOU want them to do just by serving smarter.

Serving in Volleyball Tactics
Serve short to the left or middle front position

Like airplanes Tall volleyball players usually need longer runways to make their spike approach - in order to hit hard and inside the court.

If the "runway" is cut short...then that "plane" has a hard time taking off. So you the server needs to "shorten" the runway way path.

Serve them short while they are in the front row so they won't have time to back up and take their usual long approach and if they still DO get the set...

...they usually don't have the time or the strength to hit as hard or as high as they would if they weren't passing so YOU have effectively helped YOUR team by serving the BIG girl (excuse me TALL girl...I hate when people call me BIG) in the front row...and YOU have intelligently taken her out of the offense.

Attention short volleyball tall does a girl have to be to learn to serve the Tall girl in the front row? doesn't matter.

You just have to serve 50 balls short to each front row position Left Front, Middle Front and Right Front before practice and/or after EVERY practice so when the pressure is are ready. 

So, the next time you have to serve in volleyball practice - set goals for yourself and MAKE your serves count for points in practice.

This has been an important message by your favorite volleyball coach! That's me!!

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Serving in Volleyball Tactics 
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  4. Before leaving this page Say "Hi" to Miss Tattoo the Tiger wearing the #9 jersey below.  Miss Tattoo is the starting defensive and serving specialist for the All Beast VolleyBragSwag All Star team.

Say "Hi" to Miss Tattoo the Tiger wearing the #9 jersey below.  Miss Tattoo is the starting defensive and serving specialist for the All Beast VolleyBragSwag All Star team.Say "Hi" to Miss Tattoo the Tiger wearing the #9 jersey below. Miss Tattoo is the starting defensive and serving specialist for the All Beast VolleyBragSwag All Star team.

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