Volleyball Jerseys  Do You Think You Can Pass My Jersey Trivia Quiz! 

Take my volleyball uniform drip quiz to find out how much you know about the latest fads, fashion and jersey news. 

Yep that's right! Some jerseys just make you feel some type of way when you put them on. Tell me which one makes you feel like you're winning!Yep that's right! Some jerseys just make you feel some type of way when you put them on. Tell me which one makes you feel like you're winning! (Adidas)

Custom volleyball jerseys for national and international club teams worldwide are created with unique styles and designs for players to compete in and for fans to hype up and talk about. 

Adidas volleyball jerseys and the Usa Women's Olympic TeamAdidas volleyball jerseys and the USA Women's Olympic Volleyball Team

The design and creation of men's, women's and girls volleyball jerseys are such a big business in the volleyball uniform and apparel product industry that companies encourage college and national teams that wear their product to make uniform reveal videos to "show off" the latest designs and innovations at the beginning of each preseason. 

To increase their brand's popularity even more among high school and club players some of the largest companies like

  • Asics Volleyball 
  • Mizuno Volleyball
  • Adidas Volleyball
  • Under Armour Volleyball
  • Nike Volleyball
  • Errea

create sponsorship deals with famous volleyball players and Olympians who model, promote and agree to exclusively wear their sponsors volleyball gear, uniforms, jerseys, accessories and shoes. 

Whether you are looking for a long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve or 3/4 sleeve volleyball shirt to compete in one of these companies is sure to have what you are looking for. 

My Volleyball Jersey Trivia Quiz 

I thought it would be fun to create a quiz to test you on on your knowledge of volleyball jersey trivia. 

If you're as big a volleyball fan as you say you are...you will answer alot of these questions correctly. 

Before you get started be sure to check out my affiliate disclosure. 

Affiliate Disclosure 

If you came to this page because you were shopping for Volleyball Jerseys then great! You've come to the right place.

Here is my disclosure about this section. Read it before you get started.

In this section dedicated to volleyball jerseys some of the pages contain affiliate links. 

This means, if you buy a product after clicking my link, I might be paid a "commission" on the sale. I may also earn money from advertisements appearing on my blog.

I just wanted to let you know that and I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Now on with the quiz.

Volleyball Jerseys:
Trivia Questions For You To Answer 

In what year was Pac-12 "All Century Team" member Krista Vanzant's #16 volleyball jersey retired at the University of Washington?

a. 2019

b. 2018

c. 2017

d. 2016

What jersey number did USA Volleyball Olympian and former Husker legend Jordan Larson wear while playing at Nebraska?

a. #11

b. #17

c. #10

d. #12

What does the RED color stand for on the Japanese volleyball jerseys and shoes?

a. RED stands for the red card.

b. RED stands for the Stop sign. 

c. RED represents the team's passion for the game. 

d. RED represents the colors of the flag.

Which international apparel company sponsors the Italian men's national team? 

a. Mizuno

b. Errea

c. Adidas


Which year did the University of Hawaii Men's volleyball team wear ALL three of these volleyball jersey designs during a season?

a. 2016

b. 2015

c. 2017

d. 2018

Which version of this German men's club team WWK Volleys Herrschings volleyball jerseys is the favorite among their fans? 

a. White jersey with grey checkerboard square design with brown fake suspenders 

b. Navy blue jersey with brown sleeve trim on short sleeves with matching brown shorts

c. White jersey with mint green checkerboard square design with brown fake suspenders

Volleyball Jersey Questions 

Which company and in what year signed a multi-year multimillion dollar deal to sponsor USA Volleyball national teams agreeing to outfit them exclusively with their apparel, shoes lifestyle clothing and accessories. 

a. ASICS in 2014

b. Adidas in 2017

c. Under Armour in 2018

d. Mizuno in 2004

e. NIKE in 2008

When the Chinese women's Olympic team jerseys were revealed, many fans didn't like them and compared the uniform to who's outfit?

a. a fireman's outfit

b. Star Trek's Captain Kirk

c. Ronald McDonald

d. A Tour de France cyclist

What jersey number did four-time Italian Olympian legend Francesca Piccinini wear when she played ten years for Bergamo?

a. #1

b. #7

c. #22

d. #12

Volleyball Jersey Trivia 

Which USA Volleyball player is not exclusively signed to represent or to wear Adidas short sleeve jerseys during non-Olympic competition events.  

a. Jordan Larson

b. Ben Patch

c. Kelsey Robinson

d. Taylor Sander

Volleyball Jersey Questions

What USA Volleyball jerseys numbers do the Tapp twins wear?

a. 6 and 8

b. 19 and 21

c. 1 and 3

d. 4 and 5

Famous Volleyball Players 

Under Armour Volleyball is the sponsor of which famous volleyball player?  

a. Paige Tapp

b. April Ross

c. Lauren Carlini

d. Kelsey Robinson

The 2005 Honda Award winner, USA Volleyball Olympian Courtney Thompson became the first female Husky student-athlete to have her jersey retired in Alaska Airlines Arena. What was her volleyball jersey number?

a. #3

b. #13

c. #23

d. #32

Let me know how well you did with your volleyball jerseys quiz in the comments below!

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Volleyball Jerseys  Do You Think You Can Pass My Jersey Trivia Quiz! 


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