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Coach April Chapple's Volleyball Passing Tips For Youth Volleyball Players is my new volleyball book a pdf download available for liberos and backcourt passers.

Don’t Let The Volleyball Game Keep Playing You..Learn To Play The Game..The Right Way!

Let me teach you how!

For the past twelve years I’ve been on a mission to build better Vegas volleyball players.

My goal was not to leave any good players (especially liberos and defensive specialists who need to learn how to pass well)....behind. 

Do You Need My Volleyball Book?

Liberos, defensive specialists, backrow passers and anyone who passes more than 20% of the balls on their team needs to read this book. 

My downloadable passing ebook isnt a book focusing just on the technical aspects of passing. This ebook...

  • —teaches you what to focus on to help you pinpoint exactly what to look at before, during and after you pass the ball 
  • —helps you manage where and how you use your lower body parts to move quickly to the ball to best position yourself to pass
  • provides you the words you should be saying to your teammates before you are served by the opposing team 
  • —suggests what drills and techniques to practice by yourself when you are in quarantine and need to practice at home
  • —gives you a feeling of confidence on the court attitude your coach and teammates will notice right away which often results in more playing time and players wanting you to be on the court
  • —My ebook is about passing skill development and helps you learn how to prepare for and adapt to various situations you will see when being served by an opposing high school or even college player

"My ebook about passing MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER about being in control on the court when you and your team are in serve receive. "

Volleyball Passing Tips: Learn the Do's and Don'ts on Passing In Volleyball

Volleyball Passing Tips: Learn the Do's and Don'ts on Passing In Volleyball from Coach April

Volleyball Passing Form: When Passing  Face The Net,  Drop The Inside Shoulder and Angle Your Platform

Passing in Volleyball: When Passing Avoid Turning To Face Your Target When You Bump A Volleyball

Passing in Volleyball: When Passing Beat The Ball Dont Time The Ball

Passing Don'ts in Volleyball: When Passing Dont Turn To Face The Target Just Angle Your Platform

Passing in Volleyball: When Passing Dont Turn To Face The Target Keep Shoulders Parallel To The Net

Passing in Volleyball: When Passing Track The Ball When Its In the Opposing Server's Hands Slo Mo

The Most Read Volleyball
Book of 2021

I want this to be the most read volleyball passing book of 2021! 

By reading it and learning all the steps to better passing…you will get your POWER and CONFIDENCE back.

Only $3.99 click here link to get yours now in my Volleybragswag Digital shop. 

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Quickly learn how to perform one of the most important skills you need to know to gain more playing time on the court! 

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I share alot of individual, partner and easy-to-do volleyball serving drills we do in class with my followers.

Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

My Volleyball Book Is Available Now!
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