Sports Coach Testimonials For Coach April Private Volleyball Training

Here's the growing list of email, social media and texted sports coach testimonials about Coach April's, one-on-one private and small group volleyball training.

Sports Coach Testimonials For Coach April Private Volleyball TrainingSports Coach Testimonials For Coach April Private Volleyball Training

Lea Berenyi “Syd Vicious” mom of Sydney Berenyi, Nevada State Gatorade Player of the Year 2016-17

"Great coaches don't just coach. They change you."

You gotta know by now what a gem you are Coach A!

You have been an inspiration to Syd (our family) from the get go. I still remember how excited she was coming home after her first day at Stupak.

"Momma, if Coach April ever starts a club, I'm going to quit this one and go play for her," "I love the way she coaches,"...

The big test came when you started your club 3 yrs ago, only playing in the local tournaments. Syd didn't think twice... she believed and understood why you did what you did... she stayed humble, learning all she could to be physically and mentally strong, improving her craft and leadership skills preparing her for travel.

Btw, those essay and video assignments have helped her develop more love, passion, appreciation for the game and pushed her to do well on and off the court.

Thank you for giving her (us) the right tools to go about recruiting. We did our part and Syd did hers. She reached out to many D1 and D2 schools. She personally visited some and had wonderful experiences.

Some saw her abilities, skills, but didn't see the kind of person she is... others looked at her size and shape, but didn't see her heart... and finally she came across a Coach who sees her just like you see her... the whole package!

Dixie doesn't need an OH for 2018, but Coach Robyn saw something special in Syd and couldn't pass her up. 😭😭 And I'm glad Syd happily/gratefully accepted the offer.

I know she will be in good hands. One more step to go in Nov, then we can proudly send her off. Thanks again Stupak family (every coach, every athlete, every parent who's had a hand in helping and supporting Syd to become the player/person she is today) Love you all 💙💙

In the three years that I decided to do club, like any new business I’ve yet to make a profit. All the decisions I made were so that parents and players could have an elite club experience at an affordable price. 

Although I know its impossible to make everybody happy, this email reminded me of why I decided to do what I’ve done on a larger scale these past three years. Thank you all for the opportunity.

Hi April!

Hope all is well in Las Vegas!  High Performance decisions for the Select group are coming out next week and it reminded me to write you and tell you that I have thought of you often through this year. I don’t know if you remember the conversation you and I and L........ had last summer in Fort Lauderdale and how you encouraged her to really explore becoming a Setter, but she really took your advice to heart. 

I thought I’d let you know that L......... has committed herself fully to being a Setter and, even though she has consistently been in the A1/Continental groups as a Middle since she has been in the HP Pipeline, this year she made some enormous positional and training changes and only tried out as a Setter for HP. 

L...... played Setter/RS on her state championship high school team (as a 2021 8th grader) this school year. 

For the club season she made a huge move.  She accepted an invitation last November to join an invitation-only club, playing up an age group in the 16’s, with a club that is 2 hours away from where we live (and yes, we go there and back 3x/week). 

She is the back-up setter and learning from the 10th grade starting setter (an older girl who is being seriously considered by Ohio State as a 2019 recruit). 

It has been very challenging and so great for Laughlin.  I just wanted to tell you that you gave us great advice. 

You told us that she would never reach her potential if she stayed on a team where she was the best player, and would never reach her lofty goals of playing for a top volleyball program if she remained a MB as a girl expected to be 5’10-11". 

You suggested that going ahead and making the move to the Setter position, having to work incredibly hard for playing time on a team with older girls who are more experienced, and challenging herself to make the leap to a much higher level of competition would tell her how good she could realistically be and how committed she was to doing what it takes to continually improve in the sport. 

It has been a lot of blood and sweat, but she is learning quickly with girls who are two years older and playing against open level competition that truly tests her skills.  She is learning as a Setter to lead with her left foot, to run a lightening quick USA-type offense, and she is building habits and experience that will take her where she wants to go in the future.

The experience at the HP Championships in Ft Lauderdale last summer was outstanding for L....... and she has talked ever since about how much she wanted to make it again to the Continental/A-1 level this summer and experience it again. 

I fully expected her to try out as a Middle AND as a Setter, especially since she is established as a Middle in the HP system but essentially starting from scratch in the HP system as a Setter. 

However, when it came time to sign up she said she just had to believe she was good enough to make it as a Setter and perform at that level, and that if she didn’t make it she would simply work harder to get there.  She said that her future was as a Setter, and that there was no reason to spend July training as a Middle even if it meant taking the chance on the HP Championships.

She tried out in Nashville and knocked it out of the park, and they moved her from the Select court to the Junior court to watch her setting for girls who have played on the Junior National team.  She was thrilled and she set them perfectly.  And just to see if she could do better than she did in Nashville, she tried out a second time in Atlanta.  The same level hitters weren’t there - hitters like the Junior girls in Nashville who are used to hitting a very fast ball to the outside - so she couldn’t show what she’s capable of doing.  But what mattered was that she did really well in Nashville and STILL wanted to do better.  That’s a life skill that transcends volleyball.

L.... is making very mature decisions that are largely the end result of a little piece of advice - a small seed - that a caring coach whom she really respected spent the time to consider and pass along. 

Regardless of what happens next week when decisions come out, I wanted to thank you. 

I figured that sometimes, as a coach, you don’t know how a short conversation in between matches can mean the world to one of your former players and how it might shape her determination and her future.  I am so grateful that Laughlin’s path crossed with yours.  


Anna M. 

Sports Coach Testimonials For Coach April Private Volleyball Training

"Hey Coach April"

You probably don’t remember me i wasn’t on a team of yours but i did get to go to your open gyms and camps a couple years back  im glad i came across you again to say thank you. you taught me more than any coach i’ve had ever did in half the time i appreciate how you were uplifting and encouraging while still pushing me out of my comfort zone and past what i ever thought i was capable of. i think a lot of other coaches could learn from you. thank you keep doing what you’re doing it makes me happy to see you’re still coaching"

Thank you for all your videos. I always bookmark them and study them then i try to apply them on top of my usual trainings.

Sports Coach Testimonials For Coach April Private Volleyball Training

I love your drills and the way you encourage all of your players. I’m a setter, and I play for my high school team and on our team our coach only likes to encourage the few she likes. I attend a school where your last name matters, so just hearing the ways your encourage your players is amazing and I love it. Wish I had you as my coach!:)

Thank you so much! Keep it up!!! So much love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

Sports Coach Testimonials For Coach April Private Volleyball Training

“Hey I just wanted to say I love your videos they are amazing! They have helped me improve a lot as a player”

“Thanks so much!! I watch you’re videos all the time, You’re an amazing coach. 🏐🏐✨❤️”

“Hey you videos are awesome ❗️❗️💞”

Coach April Volleyball Class Testimonials

“Hi! I’m a volleyball player from .....High school from ..........., I’m 17 years and I hope in the summer have an opportunity to train in your team one day,it’s one of my dreams... I love all your techniques and how you teach volleyball:)”

Honesty I love how you coach these girls... the encouragement and support the amount of practices👏🏻 wish I can learn from you and get better, I love your videos❤️ (jv)

Muchas gracias por el trabajo!!! 🏐🏐


Awesome coach. Keep up the great work and drills. Your changing life's. And helping so many kids to fulfill their dreams. 👏👏👏

So glad I followed your gram🏐🏐🤟 borrowing drills from you for my program! 😘

Hi Ms. April. My name is C. and I am a libero currently living in Shanghai, going to an international school. I just wanted to take a moment here to thank you for your instagram since it really helped me learn tricks and drills into becoming who I am today as a volleyball player.

Thank you!

These drills are so helpful

@coach_apchap Best Coach in town!!!

I love these videos

Hi I’m a volleyball player I just want to tell you that I love how do you train your girls❤️

Sierra (Durango state champion runner up) works on setting Jacob (Coronado state champion) in Coach April's volleyball class. 

Sports Coach Testimonials For Coach April Private Volleyball Training

Serving volleyball drills are done in every one of Coach April's volleyball classes.

Do You Have A Great Volleyball Voice Volleyball Class Story?

Do you have a great story about taking (or your daughter/son) taking one of our Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Classes? Were you/they scared at the beginning? Were you/they sore the first week? Were you/they able to set their goals and meet them? Did you/they make the team they wanted to make? Did you/they learn life lessons while learning how to play? We invite you to share your story!

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Here's the growing list of email, social media and texted sports coach testimonials about Coach April's-that's me, one-on-one private and small group volleyball training.Here's the growing list of email, social media and texted sports coach testimonials about Coach April's-that's me, one-on-one private and small group volleyball training.

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If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

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