My Club Volleyball Philosophy for Volleycats Elite Volleyball Club

For the the 2015-2016 Volleycats Elite Volleyball season I had a very specific club volleyball philosophy because its was my first year of competitive club. That philosophy still hasn't changed

Here are the first three components of our club volleyball philosophy, please read them carefully so you fully understand that we set higher standards in order to reach bigger goals.

Let me assure you that no matter how many years you've played club, especially here in Vegas, this year will be a completely new year that will bring new challenges, different and new experiences, and new ways of approaching the game mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • Volleycats Elite VBC has a talented and experienced coaching staff that is committed to training our athletes at the highest level possible in a safe, competitive, forward thinking and positive learning environment.
  • Volleycats Elite club volleyball philosophy is for our coaches to introduce collegiate and USA Volleyball High Performance type training methodologies in our weekly practices and strength and conditioning programs in order to prepare and encourage athlete participation in USA Volleyball junior national, High Performance and collegiate level programs.
  • It is a club priority for players to receive regularly scheduled strength, conditioning and agility training as well as to shape and inspire the mental and emotional development required for an athlete to perform confidently and comfortably at higher levels of competition.

Simply put, our standards are high, our goals are big and there will be many things that other clubs do here in Vegas that we will not do.

Our goal is to produce the best technically trained volleyball players in Vegas. That requires players to focus, set goals, give their best on the court and off, follow instructions and to trust the process.

Volleycats Elite Club Volleyball Philosophy

Champions are built in the weight room and Volleycats Elite VBC is the first Vegas volleyball club to hire a full time strength and conditioning coach who has developed an elite level plyo/speed/weight/bodyweight/balance and agility program exclusively for our club players.

Just like collegiate players, our players are required to spend two practice days a week dedicated to strength and conditioning which is a first in Vegas. We are the first Vegas club to provide a licensed massage therapist for our players.

The club volleyball philosophy centers around the core beliefs taught in the military:

  • Provide players opportunities to learn the importance of honor, team loyalty, mental strength and physical fitness, discipline, the offensive warrior mindset and tactical and technical proficiency
  • Provide parents a return on their investment that goes above and beyond their expectations
  • Provide coaches the educational tools/memberships/lessons to confidently teach proven collegiate and USA Volleyball High Performance training methodologies in club practices in order to prepare and encourage athlete participation in USA Volleyball junior national, High Performance and collegiate level programs

My personal coaching volleyball philosophy is to set higher standards, work harder and smarter than the opposition, take chances, get better results.


First Year

Our two nontravel teams finished 19-1 locally, finishing first in both age groups.

Panthers 14s midseason were moved up to play in the 15s group 

Panthers 14s - Summer Soiree - seeded 47th; Silver Bracket gold medalists: finished 13th overall out of 92 teams (Coach Kenny)

Cougars 16s - Summer Soiree - seeded 39th; finished 20th overall - every team Cougars lost to finished in the top 10 except one that finished in the top 20. (Coach April)

Second Year

Tigers 14s Travel - SCVA Power League - started in Bronze division seeded 145th, during the year earned four promotions to finish in the Silver division finishing in Division 6; at Junior National Qualifiers Tigers finished 49th out of 128 teams - winner of Flight 1B - American Division; finished the year in the 14s ranked 84th

Panthers 15s Travel - SCVA Power League - started in Gold division during the year earned one promotion-finished the season in Division 3 Gold Division; at Junior National Qualifiers Panthers the only Vegas team in the Open division finished 18th out of 20; runner up in Flight 3; finished the year as the top 15s team from Vegas in the SCVA ranked 54th

Cougars 16s Travel - SCVA Power League - started in Silver division and finished in Gold Division with 33 - 21 overall record; at the Las Vegas Invitational Cougars finished 4-3, at the Junior National Qualifiers finished 4-5 the only team from Vegas to compete in the Open division finishing 20th out of 24; earned a second place finish in the 18s AAU R.I.V.A.L. tournament; finished the year as the top 16s team from Vegas in the SCVA ranked 42nd

Welcome to the new season, which brings exciting new coaches and promising new players and teams. We begin again. We start over, we start fresh looking forward, not backward.

Our goal is to Do Better, Get Better, Stay Better.

Welcome to the Volleycats Elite family,

April Chapple

Club Director

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