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Vegas Volleyball Players Learn How To Make Varsity 

It's true. You can improve your volleyball game performance.

If you are a high school or middle school player looking to make your school team, whether JV or've come to the right place!

The eight year old Las Vegas based program created and directed by Coach April Chapple, author of "Improve Your is a highly focused program aimed at improving individual skills and physical fitness while refining techniques to youth in Clark County in the sport of volleyball while maintaining low costs to the participants with exceptional results.

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Got goals? 

April Chapple and the City of Las Vegas were awarded the 2018 NRPS (Nevada Recreation and Park Society) Best Sports Program award for the Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Classes program on April 17, 2018.

Got bigger goals?

You've come to the right place to find the answers to learning how to improve your volleyball game.  

I'm Coach April


My name is April Chapple, editor and creator of Improve Your Volleyball. And I'm responsible for alot of players making their varsity high school teams in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Sydney Berenyi and Kaylynn make varsity as incoming freshmen at Silverado High School
Freshmen who made varsity Kami Miner with Tehani Faitau
Brooklyn, Jaquelyn and Maggie make varsity as freshmen
Aly and AJ make varsity
Anu Faitau makes varsity. Pictured here with US Girls Youth Team member Kami MIner
Aaliah makes varsity
Braedyn makes varsity as freshman
Sierra makes varsity as a freshman

Whether I was

Coach April Chapple, pro Volleyball player for Team Paris Mode in Verona Italy, 1990-1991
Coach April Chapple, pro Volleyball player for Team Paris Mode in Verona Italy, 1990-1991

Improve Your Volleyball

I've coached hundreds of players who've worked to improve their volleyball skills by studying pictures, watching videos and reading instructional articles addition to putting in hours of practice with good old fashioned gym reps and ...hours of high quality coaching. 

Coach April with her coach 7-time NCAA champion head coach Russ Rose at Stupak Community Center in Las Vegas, NV.Coach April with one of her coaches 7-time NCAA champion head coach Russ Rose at Stupak Community Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Welcome to my Improve Your Volleyball site.

If you're interested in making your varsity volleyball team the information on the following pages will help you improve your volleyball skills so you can do just that. 

Check out the award winning "Best in Nevada" sports program. Discover more about our Boot Camp classes, clinics and register for semi-private and private lessons in Vegas coached by me...Coach April and my award-winning coaching staff. 

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as the Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Classes receive the 2018 Nevada Recreation and Park Society award for

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