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You came here to improve your girls volleyball skills so let me tell you about some important things you'll find here on my site that will help you do just that. 

MOST READ Volleyball Articles on Serving

Serving the ball is the one skill in volleyball where a player can score a point all by themselves. 

Most Read Serving Articles

How To Serve A Volleyball What To Do, When, Where and How To Do It by April Chapple
10 Floater Serve Volleyball Tips:Better Serving Scores More Points

MOST READ Volleyball Articles on Passing

Passing is the technique players use to receive a ball that is served to you from an opposing team's server.  

The pass is the first contact in a team's offense, once the ball has been served into their court by the opponent. When you pass the ball, you are transferring the ball to another  teammate who makes the second of three contacts your team is allowed when the ball is on your side of the court. 

There are two skills you must conquer if you are going to even think about playing competitive volleyball, the first is serving, the second is passing. Quite simply if you can't pass you can't play the game. 

Most Read Passing Articles

Volleyball Passing: Three Tricks To Improve Your Passing Skills by April Chapple
To Forearm Pass A Volleyball Accurately You Need To Control The Ball by April Chapple

MOST READ Volleyball Articles on Setting

When it comes to setting I think everyone should have a good touch and feel for the ball, regardless of what position you play in.

When teaching girls volleyball skills, we do many types of setting drills for accuracy, to build strength and for consistency.

On Improve Your Volleyball you'll find tips for young players to use immediately to self check your setting technique when practicing alone or at home. 

Most Read Setting Articles

Check out the most read setting articles on Improve Your 

Set A Volleyball Correctly: A Beginner Guide To Perfect Setting by April Chapple
Setter Volleyball Tips For Players Who Run The Offense by April Chapple
Ways To Improve Your Volleyball Setter Training by April Chapple

MOST READ Volleyball Articles on Spiking

Of course I save the best for last. Because what every future Olympian player wants to learn is how to spike a volleyball, right?

On Improve Your Volleyball you can expect to

  • Learn these spike training tips that pros use to spike a ball aggressively for points
  • Learn these volleyball hit options when practicing how to spike a volleyball
  • Discover what tools you can use to improve your hitting game and develop into a reliable point scoring spiker 
  • Hitting tips for players learning how to spike a ball effectively.

Most Read Spiking Articles

Check out the most read hitting articles on this site. 

MOST READ Volleyball Articles on Blocking

Blocking is important, even if you are short and still have to play in the front row on your team.

Doesn't matter! You can still contribute as a front row defender which is what a blocker is. 

MOST READ Blocking Articles

Check out the most read blocking articles below. 

The Volleyball Block: Improve Defensive Skills With Tips on Blocking by April Chapple
Top 12 Volleyball Block Rules and Rule Violations You Must Know by April Chapple
Block Volleyball Tips To help Front Row Players Stop Balls At The Net by April Chapple

MOST READ Volleyball Articles on Digging

When teaching girls volleyball skills for digging you'll find articles on Improve Your that explain:

  • Learn more individual defensive skills and techniques that will improve how you dig a volleyball up or to your setter
  • You dont always have to rely on digging with your hands to dig a ball legally and to the target
  • Definition Of Team Defense and the Volleyball Dig

Regardless of your height, you can learn to dig and you can learn to love it!

Check out the most read digging and defense articles below. 

Volleyball Libero Facts Defensive Rules Responsibilities and History by April Chapple
3 Volleyball Digging Tips To Improve Your Defense Volleyball Game by April Chapple
Volleyball Defense What To Do After You've Served The Opposing Team by April Chapple
8 Steps on How To Dig A Volleyball When Your Team is on Defense by April Chapple

Communication on the Court

One of the most important girls volleyball skills to learn is how to communicate on the court. What to say and when? How to say and why? How often to say it and to whom?

More Articles by Coach April on

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Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

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