Volleyball Pass Techniques: Watch The Ball Before It Crosses The Net

Improve your volleyball pass technique quickly by visually tracking the ball early when its in the opposing server's hands then track it as it crosses the net. 

You can improve the quality of your volleyball pass technique immediately by watching the opposing server closely as soon as she has the ball in her hands ready to serve. 

Tracking the ball early is the key to better volleyball passing skills. 

Improve Your Volleyball Pass Technique In Serve Receive
Watch The Ball When Its In the Server's Hands 

First, while waiting for the server to complete their pre-serve routine you need to check out the server's body position to pick up any cues as to where she could be serving. 

What should you be looking for?

After you've checked out the server's body position and made your adjustments based on where it looks like the server is going to serve, then quickly share this information with your teammates.

What can you communicate to your passers?

It takes two seconds to say this very quickly to your other teammates before the opposing team serves.

Sharing any serving tendencies that the current server has shown is what to talk about at this point. 

  • If the server has a jump serve then remind everyone "Hey watch the jump" or 
  • If they have a float serve "Look out for the deep float serve down the line!"

Next, you maintain your focus on the opposing team's server while

After the referee has blown the whistle, your focus should be completely on the ball while its still in the server's tossing hand.

Once the server tosses the ball in the air for their pre-serve ritual there really isn't much they can change.

You should lock your eyes on the ball and visibly track it from the server's hands once she makes contact with it.

Keep visually tracking the ball, keeping your eyes on it as it crosses the net and as the ball travels closer and closer towards you.

When performing any forearm pass, you want to intensify your ability to focus on the ball as it comes from the server, into your court, all the way into the extended arms of your platform.

if its possible try not to take your eyes off the ball even when it makes contact with your forearms while you are passing it.

You want to watch the ball all the way into your court until it makes contact with your passing platform and then you want to keep watching the ball as it travels off of your platform and makes its way to the setter.

Act like your eyes have a tracking device in them that won't allow you to take them off of the ball.

Imagine that this tracking device is activated just before the server tosses the ball in the air for her serve, and continues tracking the ball all the way across the net into your platform and continued until the ball reaches the setter's hands from your pass.

Focusing on the ball like this should

  • reduce the amount of times you get surprised by the ball at the last minute
  • will help you anticipate any last minute moves that you may have to make after the served ball crosses the net to your side of the court

Collegiate and professional volleyball players have protected themselves against the effects of a fast moving floater serve because they watch the ball out of the opposing server's hands, so when it gets to the net and then crosses to their side it's easy for them to move their feet quickly to get into position to pass the ball right to the target.

A quick review..

  • when you pass you want to stay very focused and concentrated on the ball starting when it's in the opposing team's server's hands and ending when it's bounced off of your platform and is heading to your setter's hands.

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