Volleyball Passing Drills For Players Who Need to Learn To Pass A Volleyball

These volleyball passing drills are for players looking to improve their volleyball passing skills. Do these everyday in order to keep your technique and accuracy sharp.

Volleyball passing drills need to be done daily with a goal of at least 250 - 500 reps of various drills to keep you technique and accuracy sharp! (Photo by Char1iej1)Volleyball passing drills need to be done daily with a goal of at least 250 - 500 reps of various drills to keep you technique and accuracy sharp! (Photo by Char1iej1)

These volleyball passing drills are designed to help you improve your passing technique, increase your ability to pass the ball to the target and to pass tough serves. 

I like to start with a warmup passing drill where you go against the wall to focus on your passing technique before getting on the court and progressing to passing with a partner. 

Watch as Moose works on improving her passing technique as during one of the volleyball passing drills we do in warmups at Volleyball Voice Boot Camp class. 

This drill is one that one of my Volleycats Elite VBC C'era Oliveira coaches taught her players and I loved it so we use it all the time in our Boot Camp classes and semi-private training. 

Volleyball Passing Drills
Wall Passing Warmup

When passing to the wall here's your body position checklist: 

  • one of your feet is 1-2 inches in front of the other and both feet are shoulder width apart
  • you're in what we call a "loaded" position with your knees slightly bent - this is an athletic stance which allows you to move quickly to your right or left if you need to
  • when passing the ball your hips need to be below the level of the oncoming ball
  • with your upper body you should lean over slightly making sure you keep your shoulders over your knees
  • your passing grip keeps one hand tightly inside the other with thumbs pointing down to the ground - this is what keeps your elbows nice and straight when you pass  

During our warmup volleyball passing drills, watch as Mars works on:

  • keeping her platform arms straight without swinging them to contact the ball
  • works on not keeping her platform too high but 
  • keeps it at belly button level when contacting the ball  

With this wall passing drill you are working on: 

  • keeping hips below the level of the ball
  • keeping straight elbows always
  • keeping shoulders over knees
  • prevent your arms from swinging at the ball 
  • keeping your platform location - a ball's width away from your body (your platform shouldn't be held too high nor should it be too close to your body - for perfect platform location you should be able to fit a volleyball under your armpits)
  • keeping "strong shoulders" which help your straight arms present a flat passing surface called "your platform" which is used to guide the ball to the target
  • prevent your feet from getting too far apart

Volleyball Passing Drills:
How To Do The Wall Passing Drill At Home

Let's get into the specifics as to how you would do this at home. 

  1. Take two big steps away from the wall 
  2. Pick a spot on the wall that's 2-3 feet above your head. 
  3. Use a piece of tape or chalk or identify the brick that you are going to pass EVERY ball to. 
  4. Start passing to that spot. 
  5. Every time the ball doesn't get to that spot, stop and start again. 
  6. Do not finish until you've passed 25 balls to that spot. They don't have to be in a row at first. Just get 25 no matter how long it takes.

Watch sisters, Moose and Mars warming up with one of the volleyball passing drills we do in Volleyball Voice Boot Camp class. 

If you can only pass one ball to that spot, great. Work on passing two in a row. Then work on passing three in a row. Next goal..ten in a row. 

Make sure you stop and start again each time the ball doesn't get to the target. Each time it does, count it!

If you are passing all around that spot, and not hitting your target then you have work to do.

Your goal is to increase the amount of passes you can make to your target spot on the wall while maintaining good form and technique. 


Volleyball Passing Drills
Different Ways to Do the Wall Passing Drill

After you've practiced against the wall for a bit, then start your first count of 25 with your right foot slightly forward. 

Once finished then go again this time with your left foot slightly forward. 

When you've finished with that take two steps back and repeat the above, but further away from the wall. 

You are still working on:

  • Passing the ball to the target on the wall as many times in a row as possible and stopping and restarting when you don't
  • Avoid swinging your arms when you pass even though you are further away from your target
  • Being low enough so that your hips stay below the level of the oncoming ball 
  • Shifting your weight from your back foot to your front foot, as needed, to get the ball to the target on the wall and back to you

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Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

Volleyball Drills: 
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