The Best Passer On The Team 5 Volleyball Passing Fundamentals Drills

These 5 volleyball passing fundamentals drills will help you become the best passer on the team who reliably delivers dimes to the setter to run the offense.

Whether you do volleyball passing fundamentals drills at home by yourself, or doing them in practice with your teammates, it's best to get in the habit of setting mini goals for yourself to reach in order to complete each drill.

For example, let's say you have to get 50 perfectly passed balls to the target before stopping one drill and going on to the next.

Not only will you discipline yourself to perform the volleyball drills correctly, but you will replicate the pressure you will feel in a game-like situation when you absolutely have to do the skill right.

Volleyball Passing Fundamentals Drills: Learn How To Forearm Pass A Volleyball Consistently: Keep Shoulders Over Knees and Straighter Elbows

Volleyball Passing Fundamentals Drills: Learn How To Forearm Pass A Ball Consistently

Keep Shoulders Over Knees and Straighter Elbows

The whole idea about passing a tough serve accurately and consistently enough with good technique and clean body movements...🏐 the same spot every time ...🏐 is that it helps your setter read your body language easier and know what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it...which makes it easier for her to get to the ball you pass. .

That’s a huge reason why we spend so much time doing passing reps and rehearsing “clean” “predictable” body movements done over and over again.

Volleyball Passing Fundamentals Drills: Pass A Ball With Straighter Elbows and Cleaner Movements

If you add the famous ice cream scoop movement to your pass, or if you swing your arms at the ball, or if you stand up at the last minute to pass even when you don’t have to... not only are these extra movements that do nothing to help you get the ball to the target but even more importantly these movements make it more difficult for your setter to know where you plan to pass the ball. .

Remember after the opposing team serves, your setter when she comes from her base position in serve receive up to the net she’s also watching her passer also known as “reading” her passer’s body language and the ball to determine if this is a pass that’s coming right to her or if she’s going to have to chase the ball down because you didn’t pass it to the target. (out of system). .

Clean arm movements with a frozen platform, quick feet to the ball, and precise body moves by the passer make it easier for the setter to read and anticipate where the passed ball is going to be. .

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Looking for a variation to your volleyball passing fundamentals drills?

Volleyball Drills Passing Partner Exercises To Do At Home To Improve Ball Control: Front/Back Bump

Volleyball passing fundamentals drills, although some time monotonous are

  • the best way to improve your ball control, 
  • they help you improve your skill and technique,
  • they can be used to help condition an athlete and 
  • they can help you understand the team building process

Volleyball Drills Passing Partner Exercises To Do At Home To Improve Ball Control

Here are drills for players to start improving ball control.

Start by passing the ball back and forth. One person is on the ten foot line and the other three feet inside the end line or back court line. .

The person closest to the net, on the ten foot line, is the control “target” partner. .

This is the “target” person who never moves and where the partner who is working needs to get the ball to. .

If you’re the “working” partner then your job is to get the ball to the head of the “target” without making the target move. 

If the “target” partner has to move more than one step to get to the ball that you are passing, setting, or digging to them then you need to improve your ball control

This is a volleyball player’s target practice.

Being able to get the ball right to the target you are aiming for…without the target moving… is what you are practicing to do. Get the ball to the target…without the target having to move.

Volleyball Passing Fundamentals Drills - Shuffle Right Shuffle Left

To practice moving laterally with quick foot work to your right and to your left the “control” partner passes the ball to the right of the “working partner’ who has to take a shuffle step to the right to pass the ball .

Volleyball Passing Fundamentals Drills - Short and Deep

The control partner passes a high ball 6-8 feet in the air.

The “working partner” takes 2-3 steps forward to get feet and hips to the ball and passes the ball to the control partner after which they back pedal 2 -3 big steps backwards to pass a deep ball from the “control partner”.

The goal is to pass short and deep balls to the head of the target partner without making them move at all. .

Volleyball Passing Fundamentals Drills - Front Pass/Backwards Pass

The control partner passes a high ball to themself then to the working partner who passes a high ball to themselves then does a half turn to back bump the ball to the target partner…without making them move. ..

Volleyball Passing Fundamentals Drills: Partner Switch

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