4 Passing Drills For Volleyball To Improve Passing Skills Very Quickly

These are 4 good passing drills for volleyball to improve pass skills which answers the question for any players asking "how do I improve my passing skills?"

These passing drills for volleyball players are to improve passing ...

When passing don't forget you want to

  • stay very focused and concentrated on the ball starting when it's in the opposing team's server's hands and
  • ending when it's bounced off of your platform and heading to your setter's hands

Remember, to pass a ball, you should

  • get to your spot quickly,
  • beat the ball to where you think its going to land
  • be stopped and balanced without leaning to one side or the other
  • angle your platform
  • before you make the pass

It does happen quickly, but as your forearm passing gets better by using this sequence, you'll see a marked improvement in your passing skills and your ability to get the ball to the target.

Passing Drills For Volleyball
To Improve Passing 
Two Servers vs One Passer
Server vs Passer Drill

Two servers vs One passer server vs passer drill

One server is at full court and one is at midcourt and as soon as the passer passes the second server serves so there's a specific rhythm for a predetermined amount of total serves.

Passer must get a certain amount of passes to the target.

Servers can work on

  • -serving to the right of the passer
  • -serving to the left of the passer
  • -serving deep seam to the right or left of the passer
  • -serving short seam to the right or left of the passer

Passing Drills For Volleyball
To Improve Passing 

One Server vs One Passer
Full Court Server vs Passer Drill

Passing Drills For Volleyball
To Improve Passing
3 Person Passing With A Throw

Two groups of three players

  • One is target who catches the pass
  • One is the passer and
  • One is a server/thrower

Goal: To review the passing responsibilities in each passing zone - left back and right back passers. 

Left back passers passing in Zone 5 have to take the their deep left seam and short balls in front of them while right side passers work on passing their left deep seam (depending on where the server is, right deep seam if the serve is coming from Zone 5.)

I'll instruct the throwers to throw 10 balls to work the left deep seam so throwing to the left of the passer to make them have to shuffle deep to the end line before passing the ball with good technique. 

Everyone rotates so the target passes next, the passer goes to throw and the thrower is now the target catching passes. 

After three warmup rounds with throws...remember I'm also coaching and checking the thowers to make sure their throwing arm is using the same correct technique used when doing a float serve. ...then the first server goes back and now serves again using a standing floater.

After everyone does this then one more round with the server working on their jump float serve. 

Passing Drills For Volleyball
To Improve Passing

Cross Court Pressure Passing Drill

Server vs Passer Full Cross Court drill has one server serving cross court in a rhythmic fashion to a cross court passer working on court responsibilities and passing accuracy. 

Do it

  • for time or
  • for a certain amount of reps in a specified amount of time of balls that have to get to the target or
  • for time or serve the entire basket of balls

Passing Drills For Volleyball
To Improve Passing 

Pass To Yourself Set A Hut To Your Partner Warmup Drill

This is a great passing warmup drill in order to practice controlling the ball. 

During warmups I give players several callouts so they can pass to themself and then

  • set a high ball to their partner or 
  • set a hut to their partner
  • set a Go to their partner 

Another combination of bump-set-spike call outs I'll make during warmups will include a way to side set, front bump and back bump. 

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A volleyball passing drill can help you work on reading the server, learn your passing responsibilities in each position and how to cover the court much faster.A volleyball passing drill can help you work on reading the server, learn your passing responsibilities in each position and how to cover the court much faster.

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Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

Passing Drills For Volleyball To Improve Passing Skills: 
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