The Volleyball Jump Serve Serving Harder To Score Aces in Volleyball

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The Volleyball Jump Serve Serving Harder To Score Aces in Volleyball

The volleyball jump serve used on varsity teams comes in two forms the jump float serve and jump topspin both done by jumping to contact the ball in the air.

The volleyball jump serve is designed to create alot of speed and pace so the ball hits the ground before the passers in serve receive on the opposing team can get to it.

In order to serve more aces for your high school varsity volleyball team, there are two versions of the jump serve that you can learn to do 

  • the jump float serve 
  • the jump topspin serve 

The Volleyball Jump Serve -
The Jump Float
 The Jump Top

The volleyball jump serve comes in two popular varieties:

High school varsity volleyball player Brooklyn performs the jump float serve during semi private training lessons. 

How To Perform The Volleyball Jump Serve 

The volleyball jump serve is performed with

  • a toss that's 6 - 8 feet in the air
  • followed by a two, three sometimes four step spike approach used to launch yourself in the air
  • before contacting and serving the ball in one of the two ways described below. 

The Importance of the Volleyball Jump Serve Toss

For the the volleyball jump serve toss, the server can use

  • a one arm toss or
  • a two arm toss

Watch in the Instagram embed below as Kamiya uses a one arm toss for her jump serve and Olivia uses a two arm toss for her jump float serve.  

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O with the two hand toss and Miya with the one hand toss working on . . . . Both with a three step approach (left, right, left) . . . attacking the last two steps of the approach and . . . contacting the ball at the highest height of the approach jump . . . Keeping the elbow high during the ENTIRE 3 step approach and . . . getting the flat hand .. the middle of the hand to the middle of the ball...quickly . . . Upon contact. ..STOP and POP the ball to produce the FLOAT NO SPIN effect on the ball on contact . . . Great serving and passing practice in semiprivate training today, ladies! . . .❤️those afropuffs . . . #vegasvolleyball #volleyballtraining #volleyballsetter #volleyballhighlights #volleyballpractice #summerlinlife #vegaslocals #varsityvolleyball #girlsvolleyball #playvolleyball #hendersonnevada #ilovevolleyball #thisisvolleyball #lasvegasbaby #vegasborn #summerlinlv #vegaslocal #lasvegaslocal #avcavolleyball #volleyballdrills #youthvolleyball #eastlasvegas #hendersonnv #volleyballclinic #lasvegasnv

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For the jump top spin serve

after the toss and the serve 3-4 step approach....

The server contacts the top third of the ball

insures the ball crosses the net with a lot of pace, speed and velocity like a spiked hit.

Useful Reminders To Remember Before Your Volleyball Jump Serve

Here are some reminders before you serve:

1. Don't give the other team an easy ball that they can use to attack.

2. Try to serve a ball that will disrupt the other team's play.

3. Aim to get a specific player to make a mistake with your serve.

4. Try to do more than just get the ball over the net. Be more strategic and aggressive to increase your chances of scoring aces.

While thinking of these reminders, start getting ready for your serve.

Try to adopt a more aggressive attitude, decide where and who you're going to serve, and aim to exploit weaknesses in the other team's serve receive.

Volleyball Jump Serve Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a volleyball jump serve?

High school varsity volleyball player Brooklyn performs the jump float serve during semi private training lessons. 

A: A volleyball jump serve is an overhand serve where a player takes a two, three or four step approach going from slow to fast with every step building momentum that launches them in the air before they use an overhead arm swing to contact the middle of their hand to the middle of the ball which adds a lot of pace and speed to get the ball over the net quickly.

This makes it hard for the other team to predict where its going to land.

Q: How does identifying weak passers help with your volleyball jump serve?

A: Weak passers or players who have just made mistakes often lack confidence and are likely to make more mistakes. These players can be targeted with strategic serve placements to gain points.

Q: Can beginners use these serving strategies?

A: Yes, these strategies can be used and adjusted to all levels of play. The key is understanding your opposition and using that knowledge to your advantage.

Q: How does the coach help with volleyball jump serve strategies?

A: The coach often sets serving strategies based on the opposing team's weaknesses.

But if the coach doesn't tell you where to serve, it's up to you to decide who to target.

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The Volleyball Jump Serve Used On High School Varsity Teams 
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