Learn How To Fix Basic High School Varsity Volleyball Skills Quickly

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Learn How To Fix Basic High School Varsity Volleyball Skills Quickly

Learn the basic high school varsity volleyball skills like serving, passing, blocking, digging and hitting tips, techniques, and drills to excel on the court.

Introduction to High School Varsity Volleyball Skills

This three person pepper is designed specifically to work on defensive footwork when digging line....Done today Feb 4, 2024 working with regular high school clients Addi Bohnet, Piper Kennedy and Hadley Trainor. 

Aspiring athletes who make it onto their high school varsity volleyball team understand the importance of developing a range of skills to excel on the court.

Being confident and consistent at performing these skills not only helps determine your eligibility to secure a spot on the starting lineup but also plays a crucial role in the amount of playing time and to your team's success.

Scroll below to explore the six essential high school varsity volleyball skills that top prep players crush.

From serving and passing to hitting and blocking, we will delve into each skill, providing tips, techniques, and drills to help you hone your abilities and make a significant impact on the court.

The serve is an indispensable skill for high school varsity volleyball players.

It presents the first opportunity for a team to score a point against their opponents, and it is the only skill out of the six basic skills that can be performed individually.

Semiprivate training with Addi, Hadley and Piper---chair serving drill...two points if they touch a chair, 5 points for serving the 1/6 seam in the middle of the three chairs...3 minutes time.

Person with the most points wins and second and third place does situps 

From the jump float serve, which focuses on accuracy and unpredictability, to the jump topspin serve, designed to generate pace and power, there are different variations to learn.

By understanding the mechanics and practicing various serving techniques, you can become a point-scoring ace-making fearless server with the ability to create scoring opportunities for your team.

High School Varsity Volleyball Skills - Passing: The Foundation of a Strong Offense

Passing drills I do in privates and in clinics-Roll one Pass One -used to help a player's passing technique accuracy and form. 

Volleyball passing, also known as bumping or passing the ball is the first thing that needs to be completed in order for a team's offensive strategy to be successful.

It involves using your forearms to contact the ball, guiding it accurately to your setter or over the net.

Developing a strong passing technique is crucial for maintaining control and facilitating accurate offensive plays.

Understanding the body positioning of the server on the opposing team and practicing drills that enhance your ball control and passing accuracy are essential steps towards improving your volleyball passing skills.

With diligent practice and focus, you can become a reliable passer and a vital asset to your high school varsity team's success.

High School Varsity Volleyball Skills - Setting: Precision and Strategy at the Net

Setting in volleyball is an art that requires precision, quick decision-making, and strategic thinking.

It involves delivering the ball to specific areas along the net, catering to the preferences and strengths of your hitters. 

Different sets, such as the four set and the five set, vary in height and location, creating opportunities for strategic offensive plays. Kenny, Hadley and Izzy

Different sets, such as the four set and the five set, vary in height and location, creating opportunities for strategic offensive plays. 

By mastering the various setting techniques and understanding the dynamics of volleyball plays, you can become an effective setter, orchestrating well-executed attacks that keep your opponents on their toes.

High School Varsity Volleyball Skills - Blocking: Defense at the Net

Blocking is a critical skill for high school varsity volleyball players and serves as the team's first line of defense at the net. 

When the serving team is on defense, three front row blockers aim to stop opposing hitters from successfully hitting the ball into their court.

The key to effective blocking starts with the correct ready position at the net. 

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and parallel to each other, with both feet perpendicular to the net. 

By maintaining a strong ready position and using proper techniques like timing, footwork, and hand position, you can significantly increase your chances of successfully blocking the ball.

A well-executed block not only prevents the ball from reaching your side of the court but can also earn your team valuable points if the ball isn't dug up by the opposing team.

High School Varsity Volleyball Skills - Digging: The Last Line of Defense

How to Dig in Volleyball: 

To dig a volleyball up in defense you keep an attacked ball by the opposing team off your court floor by extending your arms and hands under the ball to deflect it back in the air before it hits the floor. 

Digging is a crucial skill that is the last line of defense for your team. It involves saving an attacked ball from hitting the floor so your team can run a play and score a point to win the rally. 

As a high school varsity volleyball player, you need to learn then consistently improve the technical aspects required to dig hard hitters on opposing teams. 

Techniques like

By practicing digging drills that focus on control and accuracy, you can improve your ability to dig challenging shots effectively. 

Developing strong digging skills will make you an invaluable asset to your team, ensuring that attacks from the opposition are successfully defended and allowing for a seamless transition into your team's offensive plays.

High School Varsity Volleyball Skills - Hitting: Effective Offensive Strategies

WATCH!!  Titans Volleyball video

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Hitting, also known as attacking, is a key offensive skill that high school varsity volleyball players must master.

It involves executing powerful and strategic attacks to score points against the opposing team. 

One essential attacking skill is "using the block." This technique is employed by hitters to counter big blockers and score points in the front row. 

"Using the block" refers to intentionally hitting the ball against the outside hand of the blocker, causing it to deflect out of bounds.

Another attacking strategy is using the blockers' hands to guide the ball out of bounds, or "wiping the block." 

By understanding and practicing different attacking strategies and techniques, such as angle shots, roll shots, and power hits, you can become a versatile and impactful hitter on your high school varsity volleyball team.

Now What?

What you just read was just  a warmup!

Just like in volleyball practice, you do a little stretching to warm up your muscles before getting into the real meaty part of practice.

Here you go through a light review of everything before you really begin to dig deep and take each rule, each position, each skill and really explore it.  

Learn to do tons of reps and go over each drill repeatedly until you get it right. 

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Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

6 Crucial High School
Volleyball Varsity Skills 
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