Overhand Jump Serve Volleyball Tips To Score Points and Aces in Volleyball 

My "Coach April Overhand Jump Serve Volleyball Tips" designed to help you increase your serving accuracy, power and the ability to serve more aces in volleyball. 

Begin serving for points using  my Coach April's overhand jump float serve volleyball tips.

The overhand serve in volleyball, whether standing or jumping is one of the best serves to use to score points from the service line. 

Overhand Serving Volleyball Drills

In Breakfast Club we do timed serve and shag drills with players working on serving to very specific spots on the court....having to get a specific number of balls to the target within a certain amount of time....usually 2 to 5 minutes. 

Overhand Jump Serve
Volleyball Tips
What's the floater overhand serve?

The overhand jump volleyball serve, when practiced and done correctly, is used by top high schoolcollegiate, pro indoor and beach volleyball players to score points consistently. 

In my playing career, I've used all types of serves to score points from the service line both in indoor competition and on the beach.  

My favorite, by far is the standing overhand float serve. 

Once I learned and practiced tossing the ball consistently and then practiced how and where to contact the ball, this serve became my go-to ace scoring fave.  

As a coach I think its one of the best types of serves in volleyball a young player learns.  

I just taught a serving clinic this week where 11 - 13 year olds who knew the basic skills but wanted to improve their float serve came to Stupak to practice their serving. 

By teaching them the following float serve volleyball drills and tips within 45 minutes they were consistently bombing float serves over the net both cross court and down the line. 

Overhand Jump Serve 
Volleyball Tips
Where Are You Going To Serve The Ball? 

Before starting your serving routine, look at the opposing team and decide "where do I want to serve the ball?" 

Beginner players just serve the ball over the net, hoping that it gets in. 

But you aren't a beginner player.

You are a player with some decent skills who's been playing for a little while and you're looking to get better so you can make a varsity team or an elite club. 

So you need to know who or where you are going to serve the ball. You need to have a plan.

Coach April's Overhand Jump Serve Volleyball Tip #1

The key is to have a game plan in your head.

  • Do you want to serve cross court?
  • Do you want to serve down the line where that weak passer is?
  • Do you want to serve deep to force their passers to move further away from the net?
  • Or do you want to serve short to create some confusion for the setter and middle blocker? 

If you are a player with some or even a little experience you need to know where on the opposing team's court you want to serve the ball.

Once you know where you want to serve, here's what you do next.

Coach April's
Overhand Jump Serve 
Volleyball Tip

The key is to slow your mind and  body down while you walk back to serve and think about what you are going to do.

You have plenty of time to decide who you're going to serve and then get set up to do so. 

Once behind the line take a look at the opposing team's serve receive pattern and look for the player or the area of the court you want to serve to. 

If you need to get a few bounces of the ball out of the way while doing this then go ahead.


Once you know where you are going to serve, think Hip. Point your Hip so its pointing exactly where you want the ball to go. 


Then do the same with the shoulder of the tossing arm, placing the ball in the hand of this arm. 


Now raise the serving arm at a 90 degree angle in the air with your elbow above the level of your ear. Take a quick look at the elbow to be sure, its above the ear.

Contact the Ball

Once the whistle blows take a deep breath and shrug your shoulders.

Then toss the ball so its in front of your right serving arm, swivel hips and hand together.

Watch your hand contact the middle of the ball while you "high five" the ball. 

Coach April's
Overhand Jump Serve 
Volleyball Tips

The key before starting your toss is to BREATHE!

Remember to take a deep breath before you toss the ball. Inhale deeply and then slowly let the air out while shrugging your shoulders.  

This releases tension and forces your brain and body to relax enough for you to settle down and concentrate on your next move. 

Now, you should be ready to score aces with these floater serve volleyball tips!

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