4 Serving Tips For Volleyball Players To Add More Power To Their Serve

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4 Serving Tips For Volleyball Players To Add More Power To Their Serve

Here are four serving tips for volleyball players to add power to their serve...face your target, visualize your serve, toss the same way, serve like you spike

Serving is a fundamental aspect of the game that holds a lot of importance when it comes to you scoring points and gaining an advantage over the opposing team. 

Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your serve or a seasoned player looking for advanced techniques, this article provides you with the essential tips to enhance your serving skills and add power to your game.

Volleyball Serving Drills: Addi, Piper and  Hadley Working on their Jump Float Serve To Chairs for Accuracy and Points during semiprivate training with me 

In volleyball, the serve initiates every play and sets the tone for the entire rally.

It is the moment where a single player has the opportunity to score a point by themselves from the service line using their skill, strategy, and precision.

A well-executed serve disrupts the opponent's serve receive, forcing them into difficult situations which keeps them from running a strong offensive play and provides an opportunity for your team to anticipate the ball that's coming back to them easily. 

A powerful serve can force passing errors, which creates opportunities for your teammates to get involved in running a specific offensive strategy which can put the opposing team in difficulty. 

Throughout this guide, I explore four key serving tips that will help you increase the power and effectiveness of your serve.

From proper technique to mental preparation and strategic considerations, I'll provide you with the tools necessary to take your serving game to the next level.

4 Serving Tips For Volleyball Players
Face your target

Here are four tips on serving for volleyball players to add power to their overhand serve.

  • Face your target
  • Visualize yourself serving
  • Toss the same way every time
  • Serve like you spike

Facing your target is crucial for achieving accuracy and consistency with your serve.

The correct body position, arm swing, and follow-through all play a significant role in executing an effective serve.

Here's a breakdown of each element:

Serving Tips For Volleyball
1. Body Position

- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with one front foot that's perpendicular to the net.

- Put your weight on your back foot for balance and stability

- Position yourself 3-4 steps behind the service line, ready to move forward with a three or four step approach while serving.

- Maintain a slight bend in your knees to generate power and explode into the air before you contact the ball after its been tossed in the air

Listen to what I tell Addi about being aggressive with her armswing. 

Working on her floater in volleyball serve today we did 100 reps of the same serve to the same spot so we could problem solve and work on every body part movement...where things go so when its time to do everything faster...we have smoothed out and understood all the possible wrinkles. 

Serving Tips For Volleyball
2. Arm Swing

- As you prepare to serve, your non-dominant arm is holding the ball that is about to be tossed in the air straight out in front of you and parallel to the ground. This arm should be steady in front of you with the ball in the palm of your hand as you move forward taking your step approach.

- With your dominant arm, your arm is held above your head with the palm facing outward towards the opposing wall and as you take your step close step also known as the last two steps before launching yourself in the air 

Addi puts in 100 reps to improve her technique for her floater in volleyball serve on Super Bowl Sunday. 

- As you start your forward swing, keep your elbow high and close to your ear, bring the middle of the palm of your hand to the middle of the ball

- As your arm swings forward, make contact with the middle of the ball, keeping your wrist strong, straight and rigid and aiming to contact the ball with a flat hand

Serving Tips For Volleyball
3. Follow-Through

- After making contact with the ball, freeze your shoulder at the end of your swing

- Extend your dominant arm fully, with hips and lower body pointing towards your target

- Your hand and wrist should finish in the direction of your target, palm facing the target

Serving Tips For Volleyball
Visualize Yourself Serving The Ball Before You Actually Serve

Visualize yourself serving a tough volleyball serve that lands in the court, right to the specific position you are aiming for. 

Use the power of visualization as an effective mental tool before you serve.

See yourself going through the motions of your serving technique when you are off the court, so that when you are on the court, every serving motion comes naturally, because it will feel as if you've done it before. 

Believe it or not, this is a great way of conducting your serving practice when you are outside or away from the gym.

Serving Tips For Volleyball
Toss The Ball The Same Way Every Time

It's critical when you proceed through all of the serving steps, that you toss the ball the same way every time you serve

Create a ritual that you will perform each time you serve so you don't rush your serving process.

That ritual could be

before serving.

Whatever your tossing ritual is, work it out so you do the same thing every time.

This helps you

  • settle your brain down and
  • increase your focus and concentration

especially if you have to serve after a long rally.

Ella Serves An Ace Between The Left Back and Middle Back Passers

4 Serving Tips For Volleyball
Serve Like You Spike

Before you serve, you can follow two types of serving strategies. You can decide to either

  • going for a point or 
  • just place the ball strategically so that your team that's on defense will do the rest.

If you decide that you are going to begin the play by attacking with your serve...

...then develop the ability to maintain the same mentality with your deep serves that you have with your spike.

Get aggro!  Be aggressive.  

4 Serving Tips For Volleyball
Toni with the float serve during Happy Hour Class Training

Many players mistakenly think that every serve of the ball should be just to start the rally.

This type of serve looks like an easy lob, high over the net just to get the ball over, to let the other team start the play.

In reality, your serve should first be used to score a point for your own team.

What to Do in Serving Practice

It may take time to develop muscle memory and coordination, so be patient and focus on executing each step correctly.

As you progress, gradually increase the power and speed of your serve while maintaining accuracy and control.

By facing your target with the proper body position, arm swing, and follow-through, you'll significantly improve the effectiveness of your serves and contribute to your team's success on the volleyball court.

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4 Serving Tips For Volleyball Players To Add More Power To Their Serve
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