Volleyball Ace
What's An Ace In Volleyball And How To Serve For Points

What's an ace in volleyball? Learn what are the basic rules dictating how a point can be scored from the service line by using your float serve or jump serve.   

What's The Volleyball Ace definition?

What is an ace in Volleyball?

The ability to score a direct point with your serve is called an ace in volleyball.

What's An Ace In Volleyball And How Do You Serve For Points Regularly?What's An Ace In Volleyball And How Do You Serve For Points Regularly?

How do you score an ace in volleyball from the service line?

To score an "ace" in volleyball means that at the beginning of a rally 

  • you served in such a way that the ball once it crossed the net and entered the other team's court
  • gave an opposing team so much trouble in making a first contact
  • they mishandled the ball or
  • couldn't contact the ball before it hit the floor which resulted in a direct point for your team

In simple volleyball terms, the opposing team was unable to pass the ball, because

  • either it hits the floor directly or
  • a player mishandled the ball in such a way that

second contact couldn't be made. 

Ace in Volleyball
What is an ace serve?

If the ball doesn't come back to your side or if it hit the floor on the opposing team's court without any player touching it, then you scored a volleyball ace, which is a direct point for your team.

This is the easiest and only way an individual player can score a point all by themselves.

By learning how to serve in volleyball, in a way that's so hard to pass, the other team is

  • unable to run their offense nor
  • get the ball back over

to continue the rally. 

Many teams rely on developing strong servers in order to score points from the service line. 

After learning the serving basics the next goal is

  • to learn how to use your serve to score a point or
  • how to put the opposing team in difficulty

so they can't run their offense to score a point. 

Your goal should be to try and score a direct point from behind your service line.

If you can't do that then you should try and make it difficult for the opposing team to set up their offense by making an easy first contact of the ball.

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