Here's How You Do 3 Versions of My Servers vs Passers Volleyball Drill

My servers vs passers volleyball drill can be as simple as skinny court coach server vs passer or player server vs passer or as complex as full court two passers vs two servers. 

I have a slew of ways to do a servers vs passers volleyball drill with my intermediate and advanced clients.

Usually I like to begin a progression of sets and reps where I stand at half court either in Zone 5 passer area (left back) or Zone 1 (right back) passer area and serve to a passer who's working on 

  • reading the server's body language to understand how, when and if the ball is coming to them
  • then focusing on the ball to understand when to move their feet, drop their hips and put their platform together
  • how much do they need to drop their shoulders in order to create the angle needed to get the passed ball "20 and 10" which is twenty feet in the air and on the ten foot line. 

For my first set of 15 we'll warmup with just me throwing the ball to the passer, keeping my elbow high so I mimic the same armswing/baseball throw as someone who's serving the ball. 

The point is for the passer to warmup the brain as well as the body and learn "how to read' the ball coming from the server.

"Reading the ball" means the passer is looking and understanding and interpreting the body language of the server who's interacting with a ball that's about to come towards the passer and then making a series of movements (shuffle steps if needed) and adjustments (angle the platform arms)  based on what they see is happening  and then moving accordingly so they know how to position all their body parts to intercept and in this case pass the volleyball to their intended target.  

The next set of 15 I'll serve to the passer from midcourt. I like standing at midcourt first for a set of 15 - 20. Then gradually for each next set of passing reps I move my way back towards the service line. 

By starting midcourt, the passer has less time to read and react to the served ball so all brain activity is forced to function faster. Body parts have to move faster, Platform arms have to be created faster and shuffle steps have to be made with faster feet if I serve to the right or to the left of the passer.

Sierra Leone (Adams State libero) is working on passing from the left back Zone 5 area but more specifically balls that are served to her right side.

Right handed volleyball players that have alot of responsibilities to handle on the left side of the court, often tend to move slower to their right side we work alot on balls served to both sides, especially the right side seam to eliminate and reduce weaknesses in passing responsibilities. 

Beck works on moving to her right passing the short  seam as well. 

Servers vs Passers Volleyball Drill: Full Court Cross Court Serve and Pass Drill

Two passing lines- Left Back and right back
Two players on deck behind them in each line

Two servers on the opposite court
Two servers behind them on deck
One target on the passer side

Both servers alternate and take turns serving cross court.

👉🏾Passer passes and then follows the passed ball to become the new target.
👉🏾Target catches passed ball and goes under the net cross court to serve.
👉🏾Server after their serve runs along their nearest sideline to get into the passing line on the other side.

Servers vs Passers Volleyball Drill: Full Court Cross Court Serve and Pass Drill

Both servers alternate and take turns serving 

After 2-3 minute warmup , start a count/set a goal for 50 good settable balls.
Variations you can try:

  • with a time limit (50 settable passes in 3/4/5 minutes)
  • At 30 passes two shanks in a row is minus 1
  • At 30 passes no overhead passing
  • At 40 passes one passing error is minus 1
  • At 30 or 40 passes servers can mix in short cross court serves
  • At 45 passes one passing error is minus 2

Servers vs Passers Volleyball Drill:
One Jump Server vs Two Passers

Ella works on jump serving to the 5/6 seam which is the area between the left back passer and middle back passer while the passers are working on who takes what. 

The left back passer should be taking anything short in front of them and immediately to their right and deep seam line. 

The middle back passer in Zone 6 should be taking the short ball in front, the short seam between her and the right side passer and the deep left back seam where that ball landed between middle back and left back passer. 

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