Volleyball Service Rules Learn The 6 Court Zones Marked By Numbers

Volleyball Service Rules
Learn the court zones marked by their position numbers along with zones to serve to score more aces from the service line.

After Improving your volleyball serving technique its important to learn and know the positions on the court and their numbers where you can serve in volleyball so your strategically placed serve puts the opposing team in serve receive difficulty. 

Volleyball Service Rules
Position Numbers on The Court and Court Zones

By now you should know there are six volleyball positions on the court.

Also called court zones there are

  • three zones or positions in the front row in front of the ten foot line and
  • three in the back row behind the ten foot line.

Yes these positions on the court, also known as court zones are where players rotate in and out of but they are also the serving zones where servers serve to in order to try and score points from the service line. 

Volleyball Service Rules

Rotating clockwise and starting with the serving position...

RB - Right Back is Zone 1

MB - Middle Back is Zone 6

LB - Left Back is Zone 5

LF - Left Front is Zone 4

MF - Middle Front is Zone 3

RF - Right Front is Zone 2

Why Is it Important For You To Know The Volleyball Service Rules and Position Numbers on The Court? 

It's important to know these positions on the court and especially the volleyball position numbers for the court and serving zones because

  • there are specific serving strategies which
  • call for you to serve to or between specific zones that will
  • make it difficult for the opposing to team to score a point against your team

Just serving the ball easily over the net isn't enough to score against tough teams.

You need to serve a volleyball strategically to specific zones that are known by their specific volleyball position numbers so its hard for the other team to run a play. 

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Volleyball Service Rules
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