Easy Volleyball Passing Drills We Do In Boot Camp and Breakfast Club

There are a series of easy volleyball passing drills we do in warmups and in the main part of my Breakfast Club and Happy Hour practice to improve technique. 

Check out some of the easy volleyball passing drills that we do in my advanced Breakfast Club trainings and Happy hour classes. 

Easy Volleyball Passing Drills
Team Serve Receive Warmup Drill
Three passers, one target one server

  • After passing the ball served to them the passer goes to target

  • Target runs the ball to the servers basket then sprints back to passing line to wait on deck or move onto the court where the ball was just passed.

  • Server serves 10-15 balls then picks another server to come take their place.


Easy Volleyball Passing Drills
Free Ball Passing Challenge Drill
Partner Passing Patience 

Beck and Kate kill it when I challenge them to a passing patience drill.

(Volume up)

  • Touch the Floor-floor-shoulder-shoulder-quarter turn and back... then pass a free ball to your partner...using precise volleyball passing technique...

  • ...so no swinging the arms above the belly button. no standing up and no shoulders behind your hips...

  • How many things can you do before passing a free ball to your passing partner .. ..while keeping good passing technique ... AND getting the ball to your targets head.. without making them move?

Easy Volleyball Passing Drills
Team Serve Receive Warmup Drill
Three passers, one target one server

Sisi is ON fire!!...working on passing reps from middle back. Get some popcorn .. because she’s going to be a minute. 

Easy Volleyball Passing Drills You Can Do (While in Quarantine Or not) At Home

If you're ever in quarantine or stuck at home or are looking for ways to get a ton of passing reps in...where you can check yourself to see how many balls you can get to your target...then grab a Mom, a Dad a little bro or sister....have them stand in a spot opposite you...obviously 6 feet or a little more away.....

Position yourself so you are facing them but you are 4-5 feet to the right of them....as if you are in left back (Zone 5 in the court) and they are in Zone 3 or just off center.

You start with a ball and they start with a ball...

The ball they toss to you...you have to pass back to them....without making them move.

The ball you toss to them...they just catch....and so on and so on....

You are working on

  • Target Practice- another way that I like to say "passing consistency" or getting the ball to the target over and over and over again....
  1. a. covering the left back area of the court
  2. b. figuring out what angle your platform needs to be in-from a specific spot on the court-
  3. c. in order to get the ball back to the family member's head (your target)...
  4. d. without making them move.

Passing Technique-
a. keeping elbows straight - even though you're getting an easy pass, the temptation is to bend the elbows and scoop  the ball..LET'S NOT because...your brain is recording...what it should be doing now...while the ball is moving slowly...make sure you're doing the correct technique...so when the ball moves faster...you'll do the same correct technique ....at faster speeds

b. freeze the platform - at contact - freeze and hold the platform....
1. this helps keep the ball in the air longer
2. it makes it easier for the setter or the "next player" who'll touch the ball to read where the ball is going....so they can anticipate early where to be...and beat the ball there

c. keep hips lower than the ball - which helps give the ball an upward trajectory

Great job Sierra!!

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Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

Easy Volleyball Passing Drills: 
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