Passing in Volleyball Learn This 8 Step Volleyball Passing Tutorial

This quick 8 step tutorial on passing in volleyball teaches you correctly what to do and how to pass the ball before during and after the opposing team serve. 

To become a good passer learn how to pass in volleyball by understanding what to do before, during and after the serve. 

Passing in Volleyball
What To Do Before the Serve

Before the serve

  • Keep feet shoulder width apart in a balanced position with knees bent so you're in a slight squat.
  • Keep feet slightly staggered so right foot is two-three inches in front of your left foot so you can move quickly in any direction.
  • Hands can rest on knees with shoulders over the knees. 

Passing in Volleyball 
What To Do During the Serve

During The Serve

  • As the server tosses the ball the passer's hands come off the knees and extend out in front of you
  • Arms and shoulders shouldn't be too high or too close to your body.
  • The perfect distance to hold your passing arms from your body should be able to fit a ball underneath your armpits

Passing in Volleyball 
What To Do After the Serve

After The Serve

Once the server contacts the ball

  • Anticipate where you need to be based on the path the served ball takes and
  • Get your body behind the ball EARLY
  • Be stopped and in a balanced position with body and shoulders facing and parallel to the net

  • Create a platform with your arms by making a fist with one hand and cover the fist with the other hand while keeping wrists together and thumbs pointed to the ground
  • Keep hips below the level of the ball 
  • Use your platform to contact the ball on your forearms above your wrists and below the insides of your elbows   

  • Angle your inside shoulder towards your intended target
  • Freeze your platform on ball contact and don't swing your arms. This freezing action keeps the ball in the air longer and it allows the setter to read and anticipate where the pass is going

Volleyball Techniques: 
Where Do You Go From Here?

Where do you need to go now? 

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  4. Before leaving this page Say "Hi" to  Ms. Resee the Kangaroo, wearing the #11 jersey below. She's a left side hitter with precision passing and a member of the VolleyBragSwag All Beast Third team. 

Meet Resee the Kangaroo and Passing Specialist on VolleyBragSwag's All Beast Team

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Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.
Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.