7 Fun Volleyball Drills To Do At Home, Camp and In Practice

These fun volleyball drills are used to mix up things in practice and to make warmups fun. 

Fun volleyball drills for setters, middles, outside hitters and liberos.Fun volleyball drills for setters, middles, outside hitters and liberos.

I mix in fun volleyball drills after coaching volleyball for 4 - 5 straight weeks using technique based drills to work on individual ball control and team court work. 

After years of coaching volleyball I believe that sometimes the best practices are unstructured practices. 

That means instead of writing everything down and sticking to a well-organized specific volleyball practice plan like most coaches do where I choose how and when every drill will start and stop, I just pick 3-4 competition based practice drills and let the players dictate how long the drills will last based on their effort and goal accomplishment. 

Short Court Games One Player vs One Player  - Fun Volleyball Drills

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After 4 - 5 weeks of tough practices leading up to an important tournament and/or series of tournaments when the brain has been functioning at high levels for long periods of time and the body is tired and hasn’t had alot of rest for several days..then I like to mix things up with short court fun volleyball drills. 

On these types of practice days, even our warmup volleyball drills are competitive in order to focus on getting players to move even though they might be sore and tired. 

Usually we start with these types of warmup drills

  • Short court one vs one - where only one contact is allowed per side for a specific amount of time. Each player alternates “serves” by setting the ball over and the court is from ten foot line on one court to the ten foot line on the other side and the sideline is the middle of the net. 

This is followed by 

  • Short court one vs one where two contacts per side are allowed for a specific amount of time. The court size remains the same ten foot line to ten foot line.

Then we increase the court size to 

  • Skinny medium court one vs one with two contacts allowed per side for a specific amount of time - and now we include a serve.

The size for our skinny medium court is we split the full court down the middle longwise and then the end lines are the half court line.

Short Court Games Two Players vs One Player  - Fun Volleyball Drills

Volleyball game rules for Two vs One:

The side with two players has only one contact while the side with one player has two contacts to use.

Check out the Guys vs Girls version in the video with Sophia defends her court against the fellas!

I love the version of this drill where guys play against girls because guys are ruthless when they compete and high school girls on Vegas teams need to learn how to be…”ruthless” on the court!

Working on:

  • Reading and anticipating what’s going to happen next 
  • Playing chess - setting up your “board” to force the opposing player to do something ..you want them to do
  • Learn strategy - what does it take-where do I need to play the ball in order to score points 
  • Remembering the opponents weak points - alot of teams when they score points against their opponent forget to remember (I've been dying to say that in a sentence) what they did in the last play that worked for them. If a tip to the middle or deep cross court scored for you why not keep doing that ..until the opposing team ..makes an adjustment. Learn to continue to do what works…until it doesn’t work anymore
  • Speed - quick thinking, quick reacting
  • Communication
  • Teamwork - working with a partner especially when the size of the court gets larger. Who’s going to get deep balls and who’s going to get short ones? .

Five Reasons Why Fun Volleyball Drills Are Good For Practice 

Besides being fun volleyball drills, what's great about these short court mini-games is that you end up:

  • getting warmer faster than you would in a typical warmup
  • letting your body react to the ball and do what its going to do on autopilot
  • have fun faster and tend to forget how tired you are
  • give the brain a concentration break and have fun
  • have fun…wait ..I think I said that already…

Swipe left to see more of the videos above. 

Volleyball Ball Handling Drills At Home - Fun Volleyball Drills

Fun volleyball drills to do at home.

Here's how to use a simple pass and set ball control drill to improve how to “read” and anticipate what an opposing player plans to do with the ball. 

The player closest to the net guides the drill making early decisions on where she’s going to set the ball to her partner, either three feet to her left or three feet to her right. .(swipe left Volume Up)

The “working” player starts in front of their partner and “reads” the body language of the partner quickly enough to understand/anticipate where they intend to send the ball. 

(So in a game situation you’ll need to be able to read the players passing platform OR setting hands OR hitting arm to see how she will send it. Are they going to tip it? hit it? free ball it over?)

For this drill the working partner “reads” the setting hands. 

In practice we work on believing what you see.

A lot of times you see the ball, where it’s going to land but you don’t move for it because you question in your mind whether you’re “seeing” the right thing.

We work on reacting to what we see, no question.

Then we work on “beating” the ball to where we think it’s going to land, not timing it.

If you get there at the same time as the ball, you’re late. .
(Volume Up) .

Read it. Believe it. Move. 

Camp Drills Volleyball Players Do That're Fun Volleyball Drills 

Everyday at camp we introduce fun volleyball drills in warmups to get each session going. 

By the second day of camp your body is sore from doing reps and working hard and the last thing you feel like doing is a regular boring warmup drill early in the morning.

So we try and make things fun by mixing things up with relay runs with fun and funny things to do like worm relays, ball carry relays and we even mix in some observation games and drills just to spice things up. 

Check out our first day of Worm relays and second day of Sprint Relays during our three day Dear Volleyball High School volleyball Camp in June. 

Coach Danielle and I learned new fun warmup drills from our assistant coaches at the Dear Volleyball High School Volleyball Camp.

Assistant coach Jay Ellis ran an awesome guessing game drill on Day 3...(don’t worry she had fun consequences for cheaters )

Video and narration by five-time Olympian Danielle Scott Arruda who was the special guest coach at the event. 

Coach Jay Ellis taught us all a game at lunch... that drove most of us crazy.... We ALL tried...only a few SUPER observant players got it!

Swipe to see how frustrated some of us got after multiple tries. 

Do you know the answer? .

Good times on Day 2 at the Dear Volleyball High School Camp

If you have any fun volleyball drills that you'd like to tell me about be sure to share them in the comments below!

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Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

Volleyball Drills: 
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7 Fun Volleyball Drills To Do At Home, Camp and In Volleyball Practice

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