Two Diving Volleyball Drills I Do So Players Get More Balls In Defense

Remember when Rocky’s trainer had him chase chickens in the chicken coop to work on fast feet, read and react quickly, eye-hand coordination in a low position?

In some of my advanced diving volleyball drills I spend alot of time on digging practice drills teaching players how to hit the floor safely while moving to dig a ball that they have to run to chase down. 

I know you're asking yourself what does that scene in Rocky have to do with practicing how to dive in volleyball?

You know me by now ..I like to think outside of the box when it comes to working on improving volleyball skills by tweaking volleyball drills that work on specific elements players need to improve upon. 

ICYMI..oops let me say that in case you missed it I'll repeat my question. 

Remember when Rocky’s trainer had him chase chickens in the chicken coop…to work on

🏐fast feet
🏐quick read and react without thinking
🏐eye-hand body coordination in a low running position

✔️……..similar concept.

What Is The Goal Of Doing These Two Fast Paced Diving Drills?

The goal of these two diving volleyball drills is Not to be pretty while hitting the floor with a picture perfect or technically correct dive in this instance.

What I tell my players repeatedly is that we are just working on

✔️getting comfortable with becoming🙏🏾what I call "zen with the floor"

✔️in other words just becoming ONE with the floor and the concept of lowering your body to the floor after launching yourself in the air to dig a ball

✔️adopting “the floor is my friend” attitude ( my client Izzy isn’t crazy about hitting the floor if there’s sand on it🤣)

Instructions on How To Do These Fast Paced Diving Volleyball Drills 

Player starts in defense position in front of end line and cannot take a first reactive step until they see the ball pass them.

👉🏾If I bounce the ball- player goal is to get it after only one bounce with the least amount of steps.

👉🏾If I roll-player has 3 steps or less, practicing how to lower themselves closer to the ground with each step so they’re inches above the floor before they sprawl/collapse while reaching for the ball

👉🏾If I roll lthe ball long-player tries to grab/catch/stop the ball with two hands BEFORE the ball passss the half court line..

I insist for younger players no penalty for not grabbing/stopping the ball .. just keep getting #repsonrepsonreps and keep that 💯energy up until they get faster footwork and build speed in that lower position.

Volleyball Diving Drills: The Coach on One Drill aka The Pit with My Client Jacob Ceci GCU Hitter

A volleyball dive or roll doesn't help you dig a ball but it helps you protect your body and land safely on the ground AFTER keeping a ball off the floor. Learn how to dive in volleyball because it will help you protect your body and land safely on the ground AFTER you've chased down a ball that's been hit into or around your court and you've deflected it into the air to keep it off the floor.

The focus of these diving volleyball drills is:

🏐on a Big fast first step
🏐run with sprinter armwork for first two steps to get you closer to the ball …faster
🏐run and stay on your feet for as long as you can and (if you don’t HAVE to hit the floor then don’t)
🏐scramble and work on building speed on each rep

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If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

Defense is an attitude!
Watch Japan dig after dig, amazing volleyball defense! 

Volleyball Training:
Where To Go From Here

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