The Dig and Dive Volleyball Digging Using The Sprawl And The Extension

 The "sprawl" and the "extension" are two advanced dig and dive volleyball skills where you take one step while lowering your body to the floor before digging. 

In advanced volleyball defense training my coaches and I spend many hours on digging practice drills teaching things like..

Dig and Dive Volleyball  
How Does A No Step Sprawl Help You Dig in Volleyball?

Dig and Dive Volleyball Using The No Step Sprawl Technique

This requires a digger to quickly sink their hips below the level of the ball once the ball has been hit at them so they can position their angled platform directly underneath the path of the oncoming ball and control the ball up into the air.

The sprawl is a quick way to drop to the ground faster than an oncoming ball in a way to get your defensive platform arms underneath the ball to deflect it back up in the air before the ball hits the floor.

Use the sprawl when you don't have time to take a step to a ball before digging it because its dropping very quickly to the floor. 

Dig and Dive Volleyball  
How Does A One Step Extension Help You Dig in Volleyball?

Dig and Dive Volleyball Using The One Step Extension

Using the extension digging technique requires a digger to take one or two steps to get closer to the ball before digging it.

Usually players will use an extension technique if they need to hit the ground after deflecting the ball in the air because they are off balance after digging the ball.

This way they can quickly get back up unhurt and continue playing. 

We teach the one step extension digging method for balls that fall to the right or the left of a player in defense. 

  • You take one big step towards the ball while lowering yourself to the floor so you can get one arm under the ball to deflect it back up before it hits the ground.

If the ball is falling to the right side of your body

  • you take a giant step with your right foot 
  • lowering yourself to the ground while your left hand is placed on the ground to help you lower your body
  • your right arm extends under the ball with a closed fist turned sideways that helps deflect the ball back into the air high enough for a second player to get to the ball to make a play. 

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Defense is an attitude!
Watch Japan dig after dig, amazing volleyball defense! 

Varsity Volleyball Training:
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