Learn How To Dive in Volleyball To Help Improve Your Digging Skills

A volleyball dive or roll doesn't help you dig a ball but it helps you protect your body and land safely on the ground AFTER keeping a ball off the floor. 

Learn how to dive in volleyball because it will help you

  • protect your body and 
  • land safely on the ground

AFTER you've chased down a ball that's been

  • hit into or around your court and
  • you've deflected it into the air to keep it off the floor.

Players (Jacob and Amber) in my Boot Camp Class work on their volleyball dive technique as they start left back in the court and wait to see the hitter tip the ball to the middle of the court before taking three steps towards the ball and lifting both feet off the ground while one hand plays the ball and the other hand (or both hands)  are used to lower their body to the ground so they control their body as they land without crashing to the floor. 

Learn How To Dive in Volleyball To Help Improve Your Digging Skills
How Does A Barrel Roll Help You Dig in Volleyball

The Volleyball Dive and Roll Using The Three Step Barrel Roll Technique

This will require a back court digger to learn how to do  a barrel roll technique.

How does a barrel roll help you dig in volleyball? 

Learn How To Dive in Volleyball To Help Improve Your Digging Skills

How much court can you cover in defense? 

Watch as Carm takes 3 big fast steps and stays low….and ends up inside the ten foot line…ready to dig any tip ….

The barrel roll does not help you actually dig a volleyball but it helps you

  • protect your body and
  • finish landing on the ground in a safe and protected manner

AFTER you've run to dig a ball to keep it off the floor. 

I believe you can cover half a court in three large fast steps. 

Learn How To Dive in Volleyball To Help Improve Your Digging Skills
How Do You Do A Barrel Roll in Volleyball Step by Step?

With a ball that's falling to the right side of your body

  • You take 3 steps towards the ball
  • stepping first with your right foot-then-left foot-then right foot

With each step you

  • lower yourself closer to the ground until
  • on your third step which is your right foot which should get you within your body length to the falling ball
  • you extend your full body to the ground cushioning your fall by placing your left hand down on the ground in front of you while lowering yourself to your side
  • making contact with the ground by landing on your outer thigh, hip, side of your torso while 
  • outstretching your arm with the closed fist of your right hand that's placed under the ball 2-3 inches before it hits the ground. 

Learn How To Dive in Volleyball To Help Improve Your Digging Skills

Amber and Sophia working three step foot work ending in an extension to their side ⁠

  • one hand down the other plays the ball⁠
  • followed by a barrel roll⁠

Working on ⁠

  • left hand playing the ball and right hand playing the ball⁠
  • getting lower to the ground with each of the 3 steps taken⁠
  • covering the court in 3 big steps⁠

Great job you guys!⁠

You flick your wrist up so the ball comes up 5 - 6 inches, high enough for someone close to you get it up higher.

  • Using your left hand that's on the ground and the forward momentum you have from moving and running forward to the ball.. you push yourself over so your body completes a full 360 degree turn while on the ground
  • When you finish on your stomach you gather both feet under your body and with hands underneath your shoulders you push yourself up to a standing position.  

For a ball that's falling to the left side of your body...do the opposite.

We practice the barrel roll form and digging technique in every boot camp class we teach so its easy for diggers and players to get used to hitting the ground. 

An all out, "I'm never going to let this ball hit our court floor" attitude that inspires players to go all out to recover balls in defense no matter where they've been hit on the court. 

Defense is an attitude!
Watch Japan dig after dig, amazing volleyball defense! 

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How To Dive in Volleyball :
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