Passing Drills Volleyball Players Do To Improve Ball Control Skills

These passing drills volleyball players do at home to improve ball control skills also help to increase your focus, concentration and to get 1000 reps done. 

Passing Drills Volleyball Players Do To Improve Ball Control SkillsPassing Drills Volleyball Players Do To Improve Ball Control Skills

These passing drills volleyball players do in our semi private training classes and as homework to do at home. 

It takes partner passing and ball control practice to the next level. 

This type of drill can only be done if your ball control skills are on point. That means you can repeatedly pass to the target you are aiming for…without making them move.

One of the big differences between a JV player and a varsity player besides your ability to control the ball is the ability to play the game at a faster speed while still maintaining ball control and accuracy. 

In order to play at a faster pace, it helps to do these types of ball handling and control drills that force you to practice thinking faster and making faster decisions, while controlling the ball to your intended target. 

In this drill the players are working on 

  • team communication
  • problem solving
  • quick decision making
  • listening (This is huge! When you play on a team)
  • improves your trusting skills all while maintaining good form and proper technique

You can do this with three friends or teammates. Try it and show us how it goes. 

The trick is …figuring out together.…who’s going to lead and who’s going to follow ..all while keeping the ball under control and using good technique.

Passing Drills
Volleyball Players Do
Four Player Cross Court Passing

When I do this drill I have my players do all their talking and decision making….while passing the ball.

They have to keep passing the ball while doing their problem solving.

Let me repeat, before getting to this point you need to make sure you can pass the ball to the intended target over and over again. . 

From here we took our partner passing drill I talked about up another level in our passing skills progression.

After warming up as usual with normal partner passing…with the person in front of them, they then in a group of four had to pass clockwise to the person on their right. 

Then when I call “cross court”…the players had to decide when they’d switch partners in mid drill and start passing with the partner across from them.

Passing Drills 
Volleyball Players Do
Four Player Cross Court Passing

(Volume up…you hear me call out what they need to do and the group works together to delegate or problem solve.)

This is exactly what happens on the court…someone has to take charge, whether its a front row captain or a backrow captain…and the others have to trust, listen and follow.

At higher levels of play, players have to figure out how to be and get on the same page….faster.

Just like in the previous video, we are still working on

  • team communication
  • problem solving and 
  • quick decision making but there’s a bigger emphasis on the next three
  • listening 
  • building trusting 

What I mean by that is watching the ball but still “seeing” and feeling what your teammate on your right and on your left are doing…..all while maintaining good form and proper technique.

There’s one more important thing we are working on and that’s staying calm and controlled in a chaotic situation.

Watch as they do the opposite …they will start passing with their cross court partner and on command they switch to go back to the partner they were passing with that's in front of them.

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Here’s another version of the five person passing drill done with players following a different pattern. . . One group of two and one group of three. . . The group of three is in continuous movement. . . With the group of 3, the ball starts on the side with two players. Once the player in front passes the ball she/you follow your pass to the other side to take the place of your partner. . . We do this drill for 2-3 minutes then I’d take one of the three players out of the working group (without stopping the ball) and move her to the right. . . Now she joins/makes a new group of three which begins the three player “give and go” group described previously. The group she/you just left now just passes back and forth in a group of two. . Every 1-3 minutes 1 player moves to the right to form a new working group of three until they finish back where they started. . . . Communication is important….because once we start ..we never stop the ball until we get past the 5 minute mark to insure we complete as many quality reps as possible in a short amount of time. . . . Players quickly work up a sweat while having to focus on good technique, working with teammates and increasing awareness of what’s going on around them. . . If I need to talk about or tweak any technique or if any player problem solving is needed...we don’t stop passing or setting the ball we do everything while the ball is in motion. . . Gotta get these reps in because I believe the more you touch a ball the better you get in a shorter amount of time. #repsonrepsonreps . . . Your turn . #vegasvolleyball #volleyballtraining #volleyballsetter #volleyballhighlights #volleyballpractice #vegasstrong #summerlinlife #vegaslocals #varsityvolleyball #girlsvolleyball #playvolleyball #hendersonnevada #instavolleyball #ilovevolleyball #thisisvolleyball #lasvegasbaby #vegasborn #summerlinlv #vegaslocal #lasvegaslocal #avcavolleyball #volleyballdrills #youthvolleyball #eastlasvegas #hendersonnv #volleyballclinic #lasvegasnv #volleyballset

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Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

Passing Drills Volleyball
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