The Best Opposite Volleyball Player in the Southland Conference

The top opposite volleyball player in the Southland conference, Texas State right side hitter Amari Deardorff interview 

The best opposite volleyball player at Texas State, Amari Deardorff, answers my interview questionsThe best opposite volleyball player at Texas State, Amari Deardorff, answers my interview questions

The best opposite volleyball player at Texas State, Amari Deardorff, answers my interview questions about how athletes live learn and excel in the Southland Conference.

The Best Opposite Volleyball Player in the Southland Conference 

Meet Amari Deardorff the best opposite volleyball hitter on Texas State and one of the top athletes in the Southland Conference.   

What makes you special? 

'My faith in God and the perseverance it gives me. I've faced many obstacles in my volleyball career, most of them being injuries, but through Christ I've never given up on playing the sport I love."

What accessories and/or equipment help you play your best?

'My knee brace and ankle braces because they allow me to not worry as much about getting hurt as much; therefore allowing me to focus on the game plan and what I need to do with the ball."


What pregame habits, rituals, or superstitions do you have to do before every game?

"I'm not too superstitious, but I do usually listen to music before I play.

Instead of listening to stereotypical pump up music, I like to get relaxed and listen to slower songs, usually by Justin Bieber or Jesse McCartney."

Who or what inspires you to play well in each match that you play in?

Other than playing to glorify God and use the gifts he has given me, I try my hardest for the people who love me most. My parents because they have sacrificed so much time and money over my entire volleyball career to make it possible for me to be where I am today.

Texas State Player Amari Deardorff

"My brother because, although he is one of my best friends, I always strive to outdo him, something to this day that I still do not feel like I have achieved.

And my boyfriend because he is the hardest and most dedicated athlete  that I know, and I want to emulate that as closely as possible.

That's only a few of the people I can think of. There are plenty more that drive me to be the best that I can be, including my coaches, teammates and fans."

What awards did Amari Deardorff win this week? 

  •  Deardorff Named Southland Conference Offensive Player Of The Week 
  • Amari finished the week with 64 kills and a .399 hitting percentage
  • Deardorff, an opposite volleyball hitter, earned her first career Southland weekly accolade after leading the Bobcats to a 3-2 record in fivematches the week of September 12 - 18
  • Deardorff began the week with an impressive performance in a sweep over West Virginia, posting 11 kills with a .500 hitting percentage.  
  • She was named to the CenturyLink Premier All Tournament team where she led the Bobcats in kills in three of the four matches
  • Against Houston Baptist, the Austin native pieced together a 16-kill performance with a .469 hitting percentage, and in the Bobcats win over Louisiana-Lafayette, Deardorff had an 18-kill match with a .425 hitting percentage.
  • For the week, the Bobcat right side hitter led the offensive attack with 64 total kills and a hitting percentage of .399.
  • A Preseason All-Southland Conference First Team selection, Deardorff showed her defensive prowess by contributing 18 blocks for anaverage of nearly a block per set for the week
  • So far this season, Deardorff leads the Southland Conference with a .326 hitting percentage and is averaging a team-best 2.77 kills per set.

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