Volleyball Setting Drills - Improve Your Front Back Side Setting Skill

Volleyball Setting Drills | Improve Your Volley` ``

Volleyball Setting Drills - Improve Your Front Back Side Setting Skill

5 top setting coaches show you how to improve your setting skills with their favorite volleyball setting drills you can do at home or at your next practice.

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on volleyball setting drills!

Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your setting hands touch and accuracy, or an advanced player aiming to perfect your side setting skills, this article is here to help.

By consistently practicing these drills at home, you can enhance your overall performance on the volleyball court.

In this guide, we will explore the benefits of side setting drills, provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform them, discuss additional variations to challenge yourself, and offer useful tips to optimize your training.

At the bottom of the articles you'll see some tips from five other famous setting experts as well who offer drills and guidance for budding setters who want to learn the game. 

Let's get started so we can take your setting game to the next level!

Benefits of Side Setting Volleyball Drills

Side setting is a valuable skill for any volleyball player, which allows you to overcome challenging situations when you can't fully face the ball to set it.

Setters can use the side set to outsmart and outfake the opposing block by looking as if they're going to set one of their hitters and instead they side set the ball over the net and over the middle blocker to the middle of the opposing team's court for a point. 

In this section, we will explore the advantages of incorporating side setting drills into your training routine.

Additional Variations of Volleyball Setting Drills

To keep your training dynamic and engaging, it's essential to incorporate different variations of setting drillss

In this section, we will introduce various drills that target specific aspects of setting, including strength, accuracy, and decision-making skills.

Volleyball Setting Drills
Tips to Optimize Your Training:

Maximize the effectiveness of your setting drills with helpful tips and insights.

From maintaining focus to setting specific goals, we'll share strategies to ensure that you make the most out of your training sessions.

Set Goals For Yourself When You Do Your Volleyball Drills On Your Own

Whether you do drills at home by yourself, or doing them in practice with your teammates, it's best to get in the habit of setting mini goals for yourself to reach in order to complete each drill.

For example, let's say you have to get 50 perfectly passed balls to the target before stopping one drill and going on to the next.

Not only will you discipline yourself to perform the volleyball drills correctly, but you will replicate the pressure you will feel in a game-like situation when you absolutely have to do the skill right.

Challenge Yourself As You Get Better At Your Practice Drills

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In your practices, you may have noticed that different components of skills are taken apart and learned in progressions or separately one at a time.

Many beginner volleyball drills are broken down into their most basic steps and as you learn those, then you progress to more advanced elements of the skill.

So things like footwork, lower body positioning then upper body positioning, armswing mechanics and timing are learned and coached first.

Other things are gradually added to the mix as you improve on the basics, like

Volleyball Setting Drills
Recommended Equipment

Certain volleyball setting drills may require specific equipment to enhance your training experience.

This section will provide recommendations on the equipment you may need and where to find it.

Whether it's a medicine ball, a weighted setter ball or a wall, we have got you covered.

For those seeking more information and further opportunities to improve their setting technique, I have curated a list of additional resources.

Are you ready to take your setting game to new heights?

Let's get started!

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Different sets, such as the four set and the five set, vary in height and location, creating opportunities for strategic offensive plays. Kenny, Hadley and Izzy

Improving your setting skills in volleyball takes consistent practice, and with the right drills, you can enhance your hands touch, accuracy, and versatility.

By incorporating these setting drills into your at-home training routine, you'll develop the necessary foundation to succeed on the volleyball court.

Remember to

  • consult our step-by-step instructions, 
  • explore additional variations,
  • utilize our training tips, and 
  • check out the recommended equipment.

Volleyball Setting Drills 5 Coaches Help You To Improve Setting Skills

These volleyball setting drills are explained by five accomplished setter coaches who are specialists in teaching and coaching this skill.

Hear from these five experts...

  • Alisha Glass
  • Kele Eveland
  • Christy Johnson Lynch
  • Lauren Carlini
  • Chris P Austin

...about what their fave volleyball setting drills are, why they do them and what you can expect to gain by doing them too. 

First up is USA Volleyball Olympic Silver medalist Alisha Glass. 

US Olympic Silver Medalist Alisha Glass Shares Two Volleyball Setting Drills You Can Do at Home By Yourself

In this video Alisha talks about how easy the "catch and release" contact of the ball during your setting technique should be. 

Watch as she demonstarates an "easy-to-do" at-home floor drill which aims to help you improve your setting form

If you're looking for volleyball setting drills to do at home, the second suggestion focuses on wall drills which I highly recommend doing. 

Especially as you move away from the wall, wall drills are good for building hand and shoulder strength and increasing accuracy.

  • She is a three-time gold medalist in three FIVB Grand Prix competitions
  • Won three consecutive NCAA championship titles as the starting setter at Penn State for the Nittany Lions
  • The finalist for the Women's Sports Foundation Sportswoman of the Year in 2014 and was named the Best Setter on the 2016 Olympic Dream Team 

Source: Art of Coaching Volleyball

Volleyball Setting Drills By Kele Eveland

Kele demonstrates two volleyball setting drills that help the setter "feel" where the middle blocker is going to take-off and land. 

The drills are designed to help build a better connection between a middle blocker and her setter. 

  • Kele is the first player ever in the Atlantic Coast Conference and her alma mater Georgia Tech to be named as a First Team AVCA All American ever
  • She is the most decorated player in Georgia Tech volleyball history
  • Finished her career ranked fourth on the NCAA career assist list with 6,464 which places her first on the career assist list at Tech and in the ACC
  • After playing professionally for four years in Spain, Kele became the assistant coach at San Diego State under head coach Deitre Collins Parker

Source: SetterTraining.com

Christy Johnson-Lynch
Volleyball Setting Drills

Christy shows us drills that work on developing hand strength and release quickness for a setter. 

Secondly working on setter movement where the setter has to quickly get to a ball, beating the ball to  the spot where its going to land, getting "squared" to the the antenna at Zone 4 and contacting the ball before setting it to the target. 

Lastly, Christy shows us a couple of drills that work on improving setter vision

  • Coach Johnson coached the Cyclones to the NCAA playoff Elite Eight twice 
  • With the exception of her first year, she has coached Iowa to the NCAA Championship playoffs every season
  • In 2009, the Big 12 Conference Coach of the Year was named the AVCA Central Region Coach of the Year and ASICS/Volleyball Magazine National Coach of the Year
  • Coach Christy is 141 - 75 against Big 12 opponents

Source: Art of Coaching Volleyball

Lauren Carlini Does Volleyball Setting Drills That You Can Do

One of our countries best young setters, Lauren Carlini is now a professional volleyball setter and a member of the US Women's National team. 

Watch her as she goes through a setting session her freshman year, at her alma mater the University of Wisconsin.

  • In 2017, Carlini was the first volleyball player to win the AAU James E. Sullivan Award. The other six finalists were all Olympic gold medalists
  • The 2016 Sullivan Award winner is a three-time First Team All AVCA All American 
  • Ranked as the number one recruit in the nation by Prepvolleyball.com in 2012 Carlini was the Gatorade National High School Player of the Year the same year
  • Now a USA Volleyball National Team member, Lauren Carlini is the face of the new Adidas volleyball campaign

Source: FRVBC 

Chris P. Austin
Volleyball Setting Drills

Chris is a Division I NCAA championship winning setter.

He shows us some great setting drills he has his young setters do in practices and that you can do at-home. 

  • Chris Austin is a two time NCAA National Championship setter having graduated and played at UC Irvine after playing one year at Long Beach City college
  • The Las Vegas native played professional volleyball in Finland and Greece
  • Chris was named to two NCAA Final Four All Tournament teams
  • Chris was a member of the USA Volleyball Junior National Team
  • Chris is the Founder of National Champ Volleyball Training Academy, authored the book "The Way", created a signature line of hats and tees called 'Young Lion' and is a motivational speaker!
  • He's also the founder of Libero College Volleyball, Hitter College Volleyball and Setter College Volleyball

Source: Volleyball 1on1 Videos

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  • Art of Coaching Volleyball
  • Setter Training.com
  • Front Range VBC
  • Volleyball 1on1 videos

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