Setting Drills For Volleyball Players How You Improve Setting Skills 

These setting drills for volleyball players are to improve your volleyball setting technique and overhand ball control skills for setters and non setters.     

Looking for a variation to your setting drills for volleyball partners during warmups?

Want to know some volleyball drills for large groups with an odd number of players?

Setting Drills For Volleyball Players
Seven Person Setting Drill

Here's what it looks like as a seven person setting drill. 

During your practice warmups after you do the traditional setting back and forth, try combining a group of two players with a group of three players for some cross court setting reps.

In the group of three, after the setter sets, they shuffle step to join the group of two on their right.

The player on the far side doesnt move until they're told to or tagged by the person who just joined the group. 

Working on:

  • Proper technique while setting under pressure.

Everyone works together as a group of seven because everyone needs to work together to control their ball making sure it travels back and forth in a straight line while still performing the assigned two sets, in this case a two to yourself and a four to their partner. 

  • Wide vision. 

Many players play with tunnel vision on the court. When they focus on the ball..that’s the ONLY thing they see.

In these volleyball practice drills players are forced to be aware of what's happening on each side of them while still focusing on the ball.

  • Quick feet while shuffling laterally.

The player in the group of three is the one who moves clockwise. When they do they should shuffle step quickly to join the group of two on their right. They need to do it in time so they are in position to set the next ball. 

  • Communication.

There's a ton of talk needed for each player in this drill, the same type of communication needed in a match. 

The player in each new group of three needs to let the others know when they are arriving and when the player on the far side is free to go join the next group over.  

     Five Person Setting Drills For       Volleyball Players

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The player on the far side should inform the group that they are leaving to make sure the other two know.

The players in the groups on the end definitely need to talk to let the group of three know when they are crossing over to the other side to join their partner across from them.

Understanding this type of ball control volleyball drill along with some of the setting drills for volleyball players we do in Boot Camp class may spark a few ideas about some practice repetitions you can do at home.

Thank you for visiting this page. I'd love to know which setting drills for volleyball practice are your personal favorites.

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Setting Drills For Volleyball
Three Person Two Ball Drill

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Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

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