Setter Volleyball Drills - How To Improve Your Setting Skills At Home

These setting volleyball drills are great for setters and non setters who need to work on getting soft setter hands and setting repetition touches. 

Today, we're diving into some awesome setter volleyball drills to help you become top-notch setters on the court.

If you're a setter or want to begin to play that role, these drills are perfect for you.

Setters, you're the ones setting up the big plays and creating scoring chances for the team's attackers.

By practicing these setter volleyball drills regularly, you'll sharpen your coordination, improve your decision-making, and master important setting techniques for success on the court.

Let's kick it up a notch and work on becoming rockstar setters together!

Step-by-Step Setter Volleyball Drills For Home Practice

1. Hand Positioning

- Start by standing in a comfortable position with your feet shoulder-width apart.

- Hold the ball using your setter's hand position, with your fingertips spread wide for better control.

- Practice setting the ball above your forehead level in a smooth and controlled motion, focusing on consistent hand positioning.

2. Footwork

- Work on your footwork by positioning yourself to the ball, keeping your body square to the target.

- Take small steps to adjust your position and maintain balance while setting the ball.

- Practice moving quickly to the ball, using shuffle steps and staying light on your feet for agility.

-Learn how to time your jump so you consistently jump set at the highest height of your jump and not on the way down

3. Decision-Making

- Set up targets or markers at different locations on a wall or practice surface to work on directional setting.

- Practice making quick decisions on where to set the ball based on the play scenario or the coach's instructions.

- Focus on reading the play and reacting swiftly to deliver accurate sets to your teammates.

Tips and Techniques
for Setter Training

- Focus on consistency in your setting technique, aiming for smooth and precise ball contact with each set.

- Pay attention to your hand contact with the ball, ensuring soft hands to generate clean and controlled sets.

- Use visualization techniques to imagine game scenarios and practice setting under pressure.

- Implement variation in your setting drills by working on different types of sets, including high balls, quick sets, and back sets.

- Incorporate conditioning exercises to improve your strength, endurance, and overall performance as a setter.

Remember to focus on

  • consistency
  • hand positioning
  • footwork
  • decision-making

to elevate your setting game and excel as a top setter on the volleyball court.

By following these step-by-step instructions and incorporating the tips and techniques tailored to setter training, you can effectively practice and enhance your setting skills at home.

Setter Volleyball Drills - How To Improve Your Setting Skills at Home

These setter volleyball drills are for setters and non setters who need to get setting repetitions for all different kinds of sets including

I show you how we do these drills in our class but these are great drills you can do at home, by yourself or with a partner or even against your garage. 

Setter Volleyball Drills - How To Improve Your Setting Skills at Home
Partner Setting with Coach
Calling The Sets

In this drill, partners work together to practice sets based on the coach's callouts.

For starters, initiate with a "4" set, aiming for a high ball that peaks 8-10 feet in the air.

Focus on consistency, ensuring the set drops precisely on the target's head without them adjusting their position.

Progress through different calls, maintaining the same distance and peak height, emphasizing precision and consistent performance.

All the players break into groups of two with partners and a ball. 

One player is on the ten foot line facing their partner on the end line. 

They begin overhand setting the ball until I call out the volleyball "set" they are to perform. 

The first call is usually - a "4" set back and forth.

The "4" is the high ball set setters set to the left front player. Both players set the "4" back and forth until I make the next call.  

Things I'm looking for:

  • The "4" is a high ball 8 - 10 feet in the air that has a distinct peak at the height of its flight - like an "A" which should happen midway between the two players.
  • This set, shaped like an "A", when done correctly should drop right on the head of the intended target/partner. 

  • Everyone on the team including middle blockers should all be able to set a "4".
  • The intended target should NOT have to move in order to set the next ball. This is target practice and partners should be working hard to make the same set, the same height on each and every contact.

Not only that, I don't make the next call until I see there's consistency in all the players performing the "4" set. 

The next call...

Without stopping the ball partners are required to listen to the next call and perform the next set...without letting the ball stop or drop between them. 

      Setter Volleyball Drills        The Two and The Hut

Switch gears to the "Two" and "Hut" drills.

After setting a "two-ball" straight up 2-3 feet above your head, transition to the "Hut" - a second-tempo set with a lower arc, landing 4-5 feet above the net.

Alternate between these sets, practicing quick transitions and setting variations for versatility in gameplay scenarios.

Set a "2" to yourself and a "hut" to your partner. 

Each player sets a "two-ball" which is a ball set straight up and down 2 - 3 feet above the head of the setter...before setting a "hut".

A "hut" is an outside, second tempo set that's lower than the "4", has some arc and no peak which at its highest point is 4-5 feet above the net. 

After two minutes of doing these reps the next call would be...

         Setter Volleyball Drills         The One and The Go

Next up, focus on the "One" and "Go" drills.

Execute rapid "One" sets to the middle blocker and speedy "Go" sets towards the left side hitter.

These first-tempo sets require speed and precision, catering to quick offensive plays that keep opponents on their toes.

Set a "1" to yourself and a "Go" to your partner.

These are first tempo sets, which means these are the fastest paced sets a hitter can hit.

The "one" goes to the middle blocker while the "go" is set outside to the left side hitter

       Setter Volleyball Drills             The "Go" and the "One"

Setting The "Go" and the "One"

What's the "Go" set?

A fast set to zone 4 travels nearly 2 - 3 feet above the net with no arc or peak at a high speed then the "Hut" or the "Go".

What's the "One" set?

A quick set usually given to the middle blocker that's one foot above the top of the net, usually set in Zone 3. 

         Setter Volleyball Drills             The Two and The Side 4

Set a "2" to yourself and a "side set a 4" to your partner. 

What's the "side" set?

Players make a quarter turn to their right or left before setting the ball over their shoulder to the intended target. 

What's the "4" set?

The "4" set is a high ball with a peak like an "A" which is set 8 - 10 feet in the air before dropping and landing on the targeted spot in Zone 4. 

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