Setters Volleyball Set Options in Offense What Do Setters Set Hitters?

Learn the types of sets setters give their hitters when running the offense

The setters volleyball sets are the types of balls, which vary in speed and height, delivered in an overhand contact to their hitters when running the team offense. 

Setters will speed up and lower a ball to run a fast offense or slow down and set a higher ball to run a slower offense in an effort to beat or outsmart the opposing team's front row block and backrow defense in order to score a point. 

Setters Volleyball Set Options
in Offense: What Sets Do Volleyball Setters Deliver?

When setting, volleyball setters must learn a series of ways to deliver the ball to their hitters.

They can choose to run a high ball slower offense or a quick ball offense.

There's a selection of quick volleyball sets that female players should learn so that they know how to quicken up their team's offense.

Especially for setters, after you've consistently learned how to set the ball in a high-ball offense then to further advance your skills, you need to learn about developing and running a faster offense.

Advanced setters deliver faster balls to their middle and outside hitters  to create opportunities for them to outsmart the opposing team's blockers.

All State Durango varsity setter Tehani Faitau sets a back one to assistant Coach Tibbs

If a setter can fake out an opposing team's middle blocker by getting her to stay in the middle while she sets the ball to one of her outside hitters, then that increases the chances of her outside hitter scoring by hitting the ball to the opponent's floor.

Why is this?

When an outside hitter goes up to hit, they usually have two blockers go up in front of them to try and stop them from hitting into their court.

One is the blocker that's in front of them and the other is the opposing team's middle blocker. 

If the setter can make the opposing middle blocker think that she's going to set her middle, then the opposing middle blocker has to stay and block the middle hitter. 

But if at the last minute the setter can shoot a faster set out to her outside hitter before the opposing middle gets outside to help her teammate, the opposing outside blocker, then the hitter has a better chance of scoring against one blocker instead of two. 

The faster volleyball setters run their offense, the harder it is for the opposing team's middle blocker to go back and forth along the net to try and block outside hitters. 

Volleyball setters jobs are to outsmart, outguess the middle blockers so their outside hitters have only one or no blocks up to hit against. 

Setters Volleyball Set Options in Offense: 
What is a shoot set?

Different types of sets have different names and  both setters and hitters have to know these so they both speak the same language and understand what set to prepare for. 

Volleyball setters often use the "shoot" which is a high velocity set delivered primarily to the left side hitter.

The slow version of this set is called a hut, while the fast version is called a "Go".  Both versions of this set rely heavily on precise timing and accurate placement.

In practice, it takes a lot of repetitions on the part of the setter to learn how to deliver the shoot set consistently.

Whether the setter first contacts the ball to deliver the shoot set to the left outside hitter, the hitter should have already taken the second step in her four step spike approach and have her arm up in the air ready to hit the ball, when it reaches her.

Setters Volleyball Set Options in Offense: 
What is a half shoot?

The half shoot is a first tempo ball, like a quick in the middle its a very high speed or high velocity set that is only one to three feet above the net and falls once delivered between zone 3 and zone 4 on the setter's side of the net.

This type of set, also known as a  "gap" is delivered from the hands of the setter with very little arc, is practically parallel to the net and falls only 5 - 6 feet away from the setter, so its very fast.

The hitter, usually the middle but also left sides, must start her spike approach from further inside the court, so at the peak of her jump, she hits the ball half way,  between zone four and zone three in the front row along the net.

At higher levels of competition for the half shoot timing, a hitter takes her last two spike approach steps and is in the air just before the setter is about to touch the ball.

If the timing is right, the hitter's area is in the air when the setter's hands are on the ball. With this timing, the setter will see the hitter's arm and will have something to set the ball to. 

The setter sets the ball to the hands of the hitter or an invisible area near the ideal hitting zone of the area, while the hitter is at the peak of their jump, and the hitter does the rest. 

Oregon middle blocker watches the UCLA setter to determine which way shes going to set...Setters Volleyball Set Options: Oregon middle blocker watches the UCLA setter to determine which way shes going to set...

The half shoot basically looks like a long quick set that ends up about four or five feet away from the setter.

Setters Volleyball Set
Options in Offense: 
What is the "31" set?

The "31" is a fast half shoot to a front row player that takes their spike approach so they take off and land four to five feet in front of the volleyball setter.

Setters Volleyball Set Options in Offense: 
What does 'butter' or 'nectar' mean?

"Butter" or "nectar" is slang used when a setter has delivered a beautiful well-placed set for a hitter to go up and just rip, meaning, hit really hard into the opposing team's court.

Used especially if the volleyball setters set selection created a "one-on-one" or "no block" situation for a hitter, then the set that was delivered is described as a "nectar" set or "butter'.

As in "that was a nectar set, please don't forget how you did that and can you do it again fifteen more times?"

Back in the day, we used to say "sweet" as in "that was such a sweet set" but now I'm dating myself, never mind.

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