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About Coach April Chapple 
Teaching Volleyball Skills in Vegas

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  • Has been teaching volleyball skills to high school and middle school athletes both boys and girls for the past 7 years after moving to Las Vegas in 2006. 
  • In the last four years 14 players have been chosen to play on USA Volleyball High Performance teams, one in the USA High Performance Championships
  • All Volleycats Elite VBC club teams have finished in the gold and no lower than silver divisions of the Southern California Volleyball Association Power League
  • Volleycats Elite Panthers earned Silver medal at 2015 SCVA Summer Soiree 
  • Volleycats Elite Tigers earned Bronze medal at 2017 AAU West Coast Championships 
  • From 1996 - 2000 coached coaches  as the "Five Quick Tips" regular columnist for the American Volleyball Coaches (AVCA) Association bi-monthly "Coaching Volleyball" magazine.
  • 2012   Las Vegas High School - Freshmen Boys team - later as seniors finished as Nevada state championship runners up in 2016
  • 2013 - 2017 Volleycats Elite VBC - Club Director

Volleycats Elite VBC, Club Director

Tigers Elite 14s, Cougars Elite 15s

Tigers Elite 14s, Panthers Elite 15s, Cougars Elite 16s

Tigers Elite 15s, Cougars Elite 17s

About Coach April Chapple: Journalist 

  • author of over 100 published articles online and off teaching volleyball skills about playing and coaching elite volleyball. 

About Coach April Chapple: Author, Writer

  • contributing writer for publications: Active.com, CapitalOneCup.com, Las Vegas Sports magazine, Volleyball Magazine, USA Volleyball Magazine, e-sports.com 
  • websites: Improve Your Volleyball formerly Inspiring Female Volleyball Players.com, Volleyball Voices. The Volleyball Voice and Volleycats Elite.com 
  • e-booklets: "How To Stop Serving Like A Wimp" and 86 Girls Volleyball Tips:How To Gain Confidence on the Court.

About Coach April Chapple: Photography

  • photographed some of the top international players in the world
  • work has been published in many of the top Italian magazines and publications
  •  MAX, Corriere dello Sport, the cover of the Gazzetto dello Sport magazine, the Gazzetta di Vicenza, and all three Italian volleyball magazines.

Hall of Fame, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • Four time All American
  • the first four-year volleyball Hall of Fame Inductee at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • Inglewood, California native is a former US National Team member who represented the US in indoor women's professional Italian league for eight years

About Coach April Chapple: Professional Volleyball Player

  • finalist Italian League Championships
  • finalist Italian Cup Tournament
  • finalist European Cup of Cup (Coppa delle Coppe) Tournament
  • first round draft pick and First Team All Pro - Major League Volleyball - New York Liberties
  • first round draft pick and First Team All Pro- Team Champion -Budlight Fours (ESPN) - 

About Coach April Chapple: Beach Volleyball Player

  • Voted Budlight Four Person best Left Side Hitter
  • (WPVA) Womens Pro Beach Volleyball Association member
  • (AVP) Association of Volleyball Professionals
  • (FIPAV)Italian 3x3 Beach Champion
  • (CBVA) California beach Volleyball Association-earned #1 ranking
  • (FIVB) #80 ranked in the world
  • played in FIVB and AVP events w/ four-time Olympian Danielle Scott Arruda
  • Manhattan Beach Six Man - won first place title twice

Former teammates include three-time Olympian, Olympic MVP and silver medalist and current UC Irvine coach Paula Weishoff, two-time Olympian Elaina Oden, her sister two-time Olympic team captain Kim Oden, three-time Olympian and USA Volleyball team captain Tammy Liley, AVP Beach volleyball pro Dianne Shoemaker DeNecochea, WPVA standout Heather Hafner along with beach legends and Olympians Karolyn Kirby, Liz Masakayan, Mary Jo Peppler and many European, Asian and South American Olympians and World Champions. 

  • travelled the world as an elite professional indoor and beach volleyball professional for 30+ years
  • coached by some of the top volleyball coaches in the world including Taras Lyskevich, Russ Rose, Mick Haley, Bob  Bertucci, Claudio Piazza, Mary Jo Peppler, Nina Matthies, Elaine Roque, Mark Barber, Part Zartman, Joel DeNocochea,  Claudio Cuello, Claudio Cattani, to name a few


  • Club Director, Volleycats Elite VBC 


  • USA Indoor Girls HP - Tryouts in Los Angeles April 19 - Evaluator Setting
  • Future Select National Training Program Apprentice Coach
  • Club Director, Volleycats Elite VBC


  • USA Indoor Girls HP - Tryouts in Los Angeles April 11 - Lead Evaluator - Setters
  • USA Indoor Girls HP - Tryouts in Los Angeles April 17 - Lead Evaluator - Setters
  • Assistant Coach for the USAV Youth Continental Team Program at the USA High Performance Championships, Ft. Lauderdale, FL from July 14 - 24, 2016. 
  • Club Director, Volleycats Elite VBC


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