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Once upon a time...there was a girl

Volleyball Stories: Olympic volleyball legend setter Debbie Green VargasVolleyball Stories: Olympic volleyball legend setter Debbie Green Vargas

Once upon a time...don't all great volleyball stories begin that way? 

Once upon a time, I was playing volleyball professionally in Italy

in the 90s, and I decided to ask female players who were my

teammates, friends and coaches to write their own volleyball stories

about the greatest personal obstacles  they had to overcome as teens or

young female adults in club, high school or even college.

I asked them to describe how that particular obstacle helped or

motivated or inspired them to become the professional players

or Olympic players they had become.

Here is a list of questions these female players chose

to answer and share in their volleyball stories:

  • Did the obstacle help you grow emotionally? If so, how?
  • How did it make you stronger (or not?)

Iowa State female volleyball playersIowa State female volleyball players

The players chose one of the following topics that they

personally experienced and described it in their volleyball


Volleyball Stories About Body Image

Were you ever told you were too tall or too short to play volleyball?

Did you have a coach or player tell you that you were too big or too

small to be on the court?

Have you dealt with eating disorders like taking pills, binging or


Click here to read Debbie Green's story about having to work harder than other players since she was always the shortest player on the court.

Stories About Race

Have you been the first female volleyball players and/or only person

of your race on your club or high school team?

Were you ever told that you wouldn't be good at a particular skill in

volleyball because people of your race usually weren't that good at

doing that skill?

Click here to read Kim Oden's story about being the tallest player on most of her teams and how she was challenged by a person at Stanford who felt she wasn't smart enough to finish school there. 

Volleyball Stories About Poverty

Have you had to overcome poverty or economic hardship in order to

play and excel the sport that you love?


Have you had to overcome homelessness, or alcoholism personally or

in your family in order to play, enjoy or excel at volleyball?

Have you had to overcome feeling isolated or were you treated as an

outcast because you decided to be one of the best female volleyball

players in your hometown to play or compete at a higher level in this


Click here to read Mary Jo Peppler's story on how she had to practice and train with very little of her family's support once she announced her plans to play Olympic volleyball.

Stories About Depression or Self image


Has playing volleyball helped you to overcome depression or a poor

self image?

How did you feel about yourself before you played the sport and how

has it helped you gain confidence in who you are and how you carry

yourself on and off the court? What other female volleyball players

helped you along your journey?

Click here to read Heather Bown's story about how she had

to prove herself worthy of being on the court.

First to herself and then to others and how her journey helped

her build her self confidence.

Volleyball Stories About Physical Issues

Have you had to overcome physical issues, birth defects or abuse?

Has the physical requirements of this sport helped you to overcome

any disabilities you were born with?

Click here to read April Chapple's story of an early childhood spent having to wear leg braces helped form her decision to play and grow in the sport. 

Volleyball Stories About Familial Issues

Olympian Liz Masakayan at the Las Vegas Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Class Summer 2017.Olympian Liz Masakayan at the Las Vegas Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Class Summer 2017.

Has playing volleyball helped you deal with divorce in your family, or

have you had to deal with being raised by a single parent or

sibling rivalry and how did that affect your attitude towards playing

the game?

Click here to read Liz Masakayan's story about how growing up in a single parent household affected how she dealt with teammates, how she trained and the lessons she learned about herself.

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