Volleyball Setter Camps

Learn New Setting Volleyball Drills

Volleyball setter camps are great for junior players and can

be one of the best ways to improve your volleyball setting.

Even if you're undecided about what position you want to play in high

school or club, attending a setter camp will allow you to get an idea as

to what the setter's responsibilities are.

Early on in your athletic career when you are trying to figure out what

position you want to specialize in, attending a summer volleyball camp

will give you an idea as to what its like to play in that position and

whether you'll be interested in being a setter in the future.

Volleyball setter camps are offered in different time frames.

Some camps last only one day and some are multi day camps.

Whether it's an overnight or a day camp these camps are usually

designed for those players interested in receiving specialized

skills when setting a volleyball.

Many setter camps are created as individual skills camps tailored to

those athletes that have a knowledge of basic volleyball skills and are in

high school.

There are typically two sessions. One in the morning and one in the

afternoon and both sessions focus specifically on all aspects of the

setter volleyball position.

Camp coaches will concentrate on breaking down the biomechanics

of the volleyball set, teach setting volleyball drills, tighten up and review

the volleyball setting technique and will often introduce the use of

specialized equipment like the volleyball setters training ball.

Additional volleyball setters training includes repetitions in setter

footwork drills, decision making, and the review and introduction of

various play sets commonly used in high ball and quick offenses.

Some camps use a hands-on approach with each camper being taken

through step-by-step progressions, which should include the basic


The responsibilities required in the setter position are reviewed in

addition to a focus on the appropriate footwork, hand positions, visual

cues, the correct timing for each volleyball set being trained and arm

movement mechanics required for the various volleyball sets.


Photo by inkyhack

Once the basics have been reviewed then those setters who are ready

are also trained in advanced concepts that typically include

setting various quick sets and running an offense.

There are even volleyball setter boot camps that offer opportunities for

players who have proven to have the fundamentals to advance their

setting skills.

This type of volleyball camp offers video breakdown, movement

training, and games.

Volleyball setters learn how to improve their body control, increase

ball delivery accuracy and expand their repertoire of setting knowledge

through specialized instruction.

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