My Indoor Volleyball Shoes

What Do You and Your Shoes for Volleyball
Have In Common?

I've discovered that certain elements found in my indoor volleyball

shoes, also make up important traits and habits that I had as a

professional volleyball player.

Sounds weird, but let me explain. read on and you might find that you

have these same personality traits when you step on the court as well.

The shoes for volleyball that I ultimately chose to always wear

had to be light, airy and parts of them had to be made of a

material that was flexible. 

A material that expanded when needed but would always be able to

bounce back to its original shape.

Other parts of my indoor volleyball shoes were reliable and

sturdy and when I needed a little push or some extra assistance from

somewhere, I could always count on them to provide that assistance.

No matter what, in every pair of shoes that I bought, there always had

to be enough inner cushion in the shoe lining. That cushion was there to

provide protection that I could rely on no matter how hard I landed

on my feet after spiking a ball.

Meet The Mizuno Volleyball Shoe Guru

That cushion also provided stability.

Even on defense, if I needed to do a last minute dive or dig in volleyball,

I had enough cushion to provide stability around my ankles which

provided protection that would allow me to do my job in a secure and

safe manner.

The qualities that I looked for when buying indoor volleyball

shoes were the same ones I had as a professional player.

Indoor Volleyball Shoes Review and
Personality Comparison


A.Chapple vs. My Indoor Volleyball Shoes

I was pretty light hearted when playing pro volleyball. I was

very competitive but I stayed light hearted so that I could really

experience the process.

I didn’t get to be crazy superstitious like some pro volleyball players and

teammates. In fact in some situations if my team was too tense I knew

what teammates I could tell a joke to, to get them to lighten up and

enjoy the game.

That was fun, they had to laugh which made them relax and play

better volleyball.


A.Chapple vs. My Indoor Volleyball Shoes

Or in this case pretty easy to get along with. I could adjust to playing

with different people that had very different personalities when

playing volleyball.


A.Chapple vs. My Indoor Volleyball Shoes

I could play different volleyball positions when it was necessary.

For example at the start of a game, I may have been

playing left back defense but somewhere in the middle of the

match if I saw that I could be more useful if I switched to middle

back where I could pick up more balls then I'd do that so that my right

back volleyball setter could release sooner to get to the net.

I was also flexible enough to be competitive and serious when it was

time to be competitive and serious. But I could so be funny and crack

joke when it was necessary.


A.Chapple Volleyball Shoes Review and Comparison:

I could always be relied on to talk on the volleyball court.

Yep, I was a “motormouth.” But I only said things that were important

for my team to know.

I always directed traffic by calling out what I saw was going on, so that

there was less chance of my teammates being caught by surprise.

Whether between volleyball plays or during the play, my

teammates could rely on me to tell them either who was going

where, and/or what serve to watch out for, or what were

the hitting tendencies of all the opposing team’s players who

were now front row.

As a professional volleyball player I was hired to be the "go

to" outside hitter.

Just like Kobe Bryant is relied upon to make crucial shots and to some

times carry his team, I was relied upon to put the ball away for a point

or sideout especially when others on my team couldn’t.


A.Chapple Volleyball Shoes Review and Comparison:

If someone needed help with passing a ball then as a pro player I had

no problem taking more area of the court to pass a ball to help

them out.

The same thing happened while blocking a ball at the net.

If my shorter teammate was blocking against a taller hitter, then I’d

ask her to switch positions after the serve, so I’d match up

against the taller blocker and she could do what she does better,

which was to pick up any tips or to play defense.


A.Chapple Volleyball Shoes Review and Comparison:

As a pro volleyball player you need to be the one player that your

other teammates can rely on to provide leadership and calm, even

when things are crazy around you.

While playing volleyball in Italy, I was captain of many of the

teams I played on.

I knew who needed to be told a joke when the score was tied, or at

what times my setter needed to be encouraged and/or who needed to

be reminded of how good of a player she really was just before she

served the ball.

And, I had to be one of the best players on my team. That was my

job, that’s what I was paid to do.

All these personality traits are the same things I looked for and relied

upon as shoes for volleyball.

Okay so now I ask you, am I the only player out there who

has some of the same personality traits as a pair of indoor volleyball



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