The Float Serve In Volleyball 10 Steps To A Powerful Serve

Learn these 10 steps to the float serve in volleyball.

Here are my 10 steps for a powerful float serve in volleyball. 

  • You, the server stand perpendicular to the service line facing the wall on your right
  • Left hip faces where you plan to serve
  • Left tossing arm fully extended and pointed towards where you plan to serve, with the ball resting in the palm of this hand
  • Right arm raised up behind you in a 90 degree angle with bent elbow above the ear and palm of the hand facing the court. Very important the elbow is above the level of the ear
  • Toss the ball two feet up in the air and in front of your right serving shoulder. Lefties do the opposite
  • Swivel right hip at the same time you bring serving arm forward to contact the tossed ball. Its important to swivel hip and bring arm forward TOGETHER keeping the elbow ABOVE the level of the ear throughout the entire movement
  • The middle of your hand contacts the middle of the ball. This is key to get the ball to float! You want to High Five the ball when contacting it
  • Watch the ball as you contact it. This helps you make contact in the middle panels of the ball and you can make minor adjustments after the ball has been tossed
  • Serve the ball over the net
  • Score the ace! 

As you go back to the service line, if you don't have a coach who is

telling you where to serve, then you want to have in your mind where

you want to serve the ball or who you want to serve the ball to.

Remember! When you serve in volleyball, the easier you make it for the

opposing team to make a perfect pass right to their setter, the easier it

is for them to set their hitters from her ideal setter zone without moving.

This gives the hitters the best chance to hit a hard spike against your

team...which then makes it hard for your teammates to play defense


Why make it easy for them to score a point against you?

While you are serving in volleyball you always want to think


You want to ask yourself, if I don't serve an ace how can I serve the

ball to put the other team in difficulty?

If you are in position to serve this is your very first chance to score a point,

all by yourself, for your team!

That should be a big deal and its something you should take advantage 


Its the main reason why every player in volleyball should learn how to

serve a ball aggressively. 

The Serve in Volleyball
Why Dont Players Serve Aggressively?  

So why don't many players take advantage of this opportunity?

The unfortunate truth is that many players choose to lob serve in


Sending an easy, high lollipop, rainbow arc ball over the net

twenty feet in the air, that takes forever to come down, which

anybody's grandmother can pass and make into a play.

Players usually opt to do that because it's safe.

Of course, the serve can be risky at times, but that's

what practice is for.

Are you a tough server or do you choose to be known for easy lob


You practice your volleyball serves over and over again in various

drills to reduce that risk.

As a server, your job is to become comfortable serving anywhere and

anyone from behind the service line with pace and precision. 

In serving volleyball drills you want to do tons of reps to every

single one of the six positions on the court. You want to  be able to hit

those targets from anywhere behind the service line.  

You also want to be able serve the seams, which means serve the areas

of the court  between where the primary passers are positioned when

they are receiving serve. 

Another important area on the court to serve is down both


Why? Because both primary passers are usually passing closest to the


How To Fix Your Wimpy Volleyball Serves

By serving them deep in the line corner these passers who are also

hitters  have to work harder to get up in their normal position just outside

of the ten foot line to make an attack.  

The idea is to make passers move out of their comfort zone so its difficult

for them to make a perfect pass to their setter. 

You are trying to force the opposing team out of system, so they are

forced to send over an easy ball to your defense or they make an error. 

And that's what the serve in volleyball is about.

It's about, setting up the other team to do what you want them to do so

your team can react and score points.

That process starts with your serve.

I love talking about the serve in volleyball.

I think it's because so many players and coaches don't think this

skill is important, and that's despite the fact that it's your first

opportunity to score a point.

Let me repeat that.

That's a big opportunity that you should plan to take advantage of

every time you go back to the service line.

When you are the one serving it is your turn to shine.

That means it's your turn  to create a winning situation for your team.

You have a chance to do it all by yourself.

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