Liz Masakayan Beach Volleyball Champion, Record Setter and USA Legend

One of the most competitive players in American beach volleyball history, Liz was voted by the WPVA players as the first MVP in 1992 and co-winner in 1993. 

In 1993 and 1994 she was voted as "Best Hitter" and was selected as the Most Inspirational volleyball player in 1995 when she was recovering from her fifth of six knee surgeries.In 1993 and 1994 she was voted as "Best Hitter" and was selected as the Most Inspirational volleyball player in 1995 when she was recovering from her fifth of six knee surgeries.

One of the most competitive players in American beach volleyball history,  Liz was voted by the players on the Women's Pro Beach Volleyball Association, the first professional beach tour in the United States exclusively for women, as the Most Valuable Player in 1992 and was the co-winner in 1993.

Watch Liz Masakayan and her beach partner Karolyn Kirby compete in the WPVA(Women's Volleyball) 1994 Ft. Lauderdale Final

In that same time period, the players recognized Liz's formidable defensive talents and selected her as the winner of the 1991 and 1992  "Top Defensive Player".

In 1993 and 1994 she was voted as "Best Hitter" and was selected as the Most Inspirational volleyball player in 1995 when she was recovering from her fifth of six knee surgeries.

Liz accepts one of her many awards. 

Check out the "short" list of accomplishments Liz has achieved playing in her beach volleyball career.

  • WPVA Best Defensive Player 1991 and 1992
  • WPVA Best Hitter 1993 and 1994,
  • WPVA Most Inspirational Player 1995 (because of her multiple knee injuries)
  • WPVA Most Valuable Player 1992 and 1993
  • WVPA World Champion 1991
  • WPVA winner of 5 tournaments 1992
  • FIVB Winner of the World Beach Series 1993
  • FIVB World's Most Outstanding Player of the Year 1994
  • FIVB World Champion 1994, Goodwill Games Gold Medal Winner 1994
  • WPVA U.S. Shootout Champion 1995 WPVA U.S. Open Champion 1995
  • WPVA Best of the Beach Champion 1997
  • FIVB World Championships Bronze Medal Winner 1999
  • FIVB Brazil, Portugal, and China Open Champions 2000, and
  • AVP Santa Barbara Champion 2001

Liz Masakayan Indoor Volleyball Player

Before embarking on her illustrious beach career, Liz Masakayan was a USA National Volleyball Team member for five years.

In 1988, in her first indoor Olympics in Seoul Korea, Liz was one of  the starting outside hitters.

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